Mass Picture Upload?

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Is there anyway to get a mass upload feature?  It seems like a pain in the neck to have to upload each picture individually.  Please let me know.


  • No, unfortunately that isn't currently possible. It is on our list of suggestions, though.

    Depending on your needs, an alternative that might work for you is to use a media RSS feed. Mark is working on some new features that will provide remote photo feeds with a more appropriate UI.
  • @lorne: Sounds great, thanks for the update.
  • Looks great what you've done. I'm not making many picture based apps, so I don't need it at the moment, but thanks anyway.
  • where can I find this media rss feed? Do you mean flickr?. I don't like that the thumbnails are all pixelated. It's an absolute must to be able to load pictures on mass. It's one of my only hates about andromo!.

    Any news on progress? I'd love to know!.
  • Open an RSS Feed activity and change its type to be PhotoFeed. If your feed link is correct, you can view the pictures in a similar way to a slideshow.
  • Does this mean I can upload images to my own web hosting and do it from there?. I'm unsure on how to set up rss from my own site, never been down that road. Any tips?.

  • I tried picasaweb which can create albums, has much space (15GB) and can produce an RSS feed.
    Try it. If it redirects to, simply choose to go back to picasa albums.
  • Thanks, works well!.

    Still would like to know how to do it on my own hosting
  • On further investigation I don't like it at all.

    If you're making a wallpaper app the rss feed takes awhile to load each image. So the user has to wait a minute or so when wanting to pick out a wallpaper. The thumbnails are also low quality using rss feeds to speed to loading up.

    Another thing I don't like is that when the user selects the image, they are then forced to crop it. I can never capture the full image, so I get smaller images stretched out after cropping and looks pixelated.

    The speed of adding is wonderful though :). Andromo, can you please give a date/timeframe on when we will be able to multi upload pictures?. It's so painstakingly slow right now
  • @chewz: Did you try Flickr? I tried the RSS out of curiosity (from someone else's feed) and found the same problem to be true - the pictures were loaded slowy.
  • Yes tried flickr awhile back before trying other rss routes. It's all the same, take time to load, low res. Plus many people like have the pics offline so no need to connect to the net. On the flip side, apps using rss feeds for images are tiny in size
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    Another problem with flickr is their TOS about "non commercial use".

    I have had uploaded a scan of a newspaper ad from the US retailer Best Buy (using it for a coupon and deals app) for Black Friday Deals and got an email from flickr that said that it is not allowed to use flickr for any commercial activity.

    "Don’t use Flickr to sell.

    If we find you engaging in commercial activity, we will warn you or
    delete your account. Some examples include selling products, services,
    or yourself through your photostream or in a group, using your account
    solely as a product catalog, or linking to commercial sites in your

    But is'nt everything we upload on flickr for our apps basically a "commercial activity"?

    Any thoughts?

  • If you create a blog on you can get RSS from that - It loads quicker than flickr.
    With blogspot you can change the theme to a photo blog theme - works well for me
  • Useful info, thanks.
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    Would you be so kind to tell me how I can grab the RSS photofeed from a blog which contains images only, like a slideshow? I got an RSS but it seems to grab the whole site content, while I want different rss for each post.
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    You can have as many blog addresses as you like - for instance, I had updates for Quality, Engineering processes and a general one for all updates. So I had myname.blogspot AND mynameQ.blogspot (quality) and mynameA.blogspot (general) all under the same Google Acc.
    I selected the theme as photo, removed all other "features" and when I linked to it, it only showed the photo's.
    This was a while ago, I'm going to go back to blogspot to refresh my memory because I do understand when you say "it is showing everything" so i'll get back to you.

    EDIT: I remember now, I used a free custom Template and uploaded it to Blogspot, such as; (there are others).

    In Blogspot:
    If you click TEMPLATE on the left menu, it takes you to a page where (in the top left corner) there is a button named "BackUp / Restore" - click this and you can upload your new template.

    It is definitely a case of trial and error - some will suit and some won't. 
  • Thanks, but how did you create the RSS link?
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    I'm pretty sure it just your blog address - i'll check
    EDIT: If you click settings in left menu - you have options for FEED, either full / short / none etc
    Probably the short one you need.

    This link shows you your feeds
  • @chewz, what resolution are you making your images for wallpapers? Since they are cropped automatically when set as wallpaper (within Image Gallery activity), don't you have the same problem anyway? Or have you found the magic resolution to use (it seems to vary by device, as far as I can tell)?
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    Thank you again. I have not managed to find the PostID yet but I guess I will find it somewhere.
    Found it already :)

    EDIT: If only it showed something...
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