My Tapgage earnings after 10,000 impressions and 3,000 clicks, so you get an idea of what to expect

My Tapgage Earnings 10,000 imp and 3,000 clicks

Alot of people are wondering what they are going to make using tapgage so I figured now that I reached the 10,000 impression range I can show you what to expect.

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  • That's not... much. Wouldn't recommend Tapgage myself.
  • why andromo could not integrate with airpush !!!!!!!!!!!
  • A while ago turbomike published his earning here and had over 600 USD (if I'm not wrong) in less than 30 days. I guess we need more volume for Tapgage to work properly? So far I also have only marginal earnings, not even worth bothering my users, but since they don't complain, I left them there.
  • Well it means you need alot of volume, I was able to talk to Artfan and he told me he will work on getting more game related AD's in my apps. The problem was the AD's werent targeted, but he replied very quick and I am starting to see a little improvement. But we will see when I reach the 25,000 impression stage I will open a new thread. I should reach it faster now because my apps are getting more downloads.
  • Funny thing I removed my apps from tapgage but the AD's still show and my account is still on after I told Artfan to close it. I guess he wants to prove that tapgage can make money or he plans to get to the payout period and then say ok I will close your account. Andromo shame on you,
  • @pixelpower ;you will need to delete the keys, build and republish the apps

  • mine are worse.I don't think it will get better

     Application / WebActionStatusImpressionsFill RatesClicksCTReCPMEarning

  • @tolko21: I gave up on them. I still have Tapgage implemented in two or three of my apps, but the earnings are critically low. There is absolutely nothing happening at that company.
  • you are absolutely right
  • Tagpage is garbage admob is way better. 
  • admob i get about 10k impressions a day and make about $10/day
  • Even with lots of impressions and clicks, there is nothing going on that really impresses me!

    08/08-09/08 (last 31 days)
    432.672 impressions
    46.971 clicks
    $218.00 earnings

    @arfan_tapgage ... any comments, updates?
    You said, that you will need some time to get new offers rolling in. That was some 3 month ago ...
  • @sylviathewitch: Wow, you have a lot of impressions and clicks! OK, the earnings are "low" for this amount of impressions/clicks and considering that the ads are interstitials, but it's a nice side income.

    May I ask how many apps do you have in your portfolio?

  • @hendrixs .. I have around 150 active apps with tapgage.
    But as always it's the old 20/80 rule (about 20% of these apps make about 80% of the income).

    Coming from regular affiliate business (being active there since the late 90s), that 20/80 rule seems to apply also to app business ...

    Just keep building and there will be some of apps, that definitely makes it worthwhile :-)

    As for tapgage, I would really have expected a little more.
    Their eCPM is less than a third of my admob eCPM ($1.53 over the past 31 days) and remember admob is only banners!!!

    I honestly hope, to hear back from them, since otherwise I don't see a real future ...
  • @sylviathewitch: Thanks your answer. I'm currently at 10 apps and I'm making around 400 USD / month (AdMob only - I don't use any other ad networks, except for Tapgage, but I'm making cents with them).

    Yes, I'm also starting to notice, that it's best to build a few apps and then monitor the popularity - I'm also starting to notice obvious trends.

    Your eCPM is fantastic, btw. Mine is (on average) less than $1.

    I'm also starting into affiliate marketing (not with apps, tho) - if you feel we could talk some ideas over, feel free to write at
  • I have discontinued using both Pingjam and Tapgage - their payouts are pathetic.
    AdMob and Amazon All the way!
  • Hi tamworthheat - how similar are the payouts on your Admob vs Amazon? I make decent money  on Admob, but Amazon has been poor so far...
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    We have been suggesting getting rid of Pingjam and Tapgage for a while now, not sure why Andromo clings to them still. It's obvious that they aren't paying out that well. I get that Andromo might have an affiliate relationship with them, but if no one is making money neither are they.

    There are other alternatives ie AppLovin, PlayHaven, LeadBolt to name a few. I think it's great Anromo added Amazon, but we need other ad options besides Admon/Amazon banner ads and Pingjam and Tapgage don't seem to be it.

    I mean seriously 49 cents for 983 clicks.....  .0004 cents a click - Heck I'll pay you guys more per click than that, but here's hoping Andormo acknowledges this needs to be changed.

  • @straybullet - If you want to help improve Andromo go fill out our usage survey:

    As far as ad networks go, we have looked at a lot of different ad networks, and the recent changes to the Google Play Developer Policy didn't make things much easier. Right now we're still still waiting for the dust settle to see what happens.
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    I am still waiting for @arfan_tapgage to comment ...
    Things are getting worse by day
    1/ the login page takes 2 min to load (if it loads at all)
    2/ the eCPM is getting close to nothing (down to $0.26 for the last 7 days)

    why not enable admob-interstitial instead? I am pretty sure, that they a compliant with GP policy ;-)
  • @mark: There are many good ad networks that people report to be good - AppLovin, StartApp, LeadBolt, MobileCore, ChartBoost, RevMob, PlayHaven, Tapjoy,...

    AppLovin is currently very good. Also AdMob interstitials would not hurt. :)

    Thanks for your hard work, guys.
  • @sylviathewitch: yes, I agree, their network is terrible. The page won't load, earnings are next to nothing, and nothing is happening with that company.
  • @sylviathewith Fill out the survey, you never know what will happen. And yes, I'm also pretty sure that their interstitial implementation complies with the TOS.
  • @hendrix I agree there are a lot of ad networks out there. I had heard that StartApp and LeadBolt's best performing ad formats are no longer compatible with new Google Play TOS, the browser search pages, the search shortcuts, and the push ads.

    I can't say much more about ad networks and our plans, but I will say that we've heard what everyone has been saying and we're always moving forward.
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    @mark ... I already filled the survey this morning ;-)
  • @mark Thanks for the update.
  • @sylviathewitch Thanks! Every response helps.
  • we need something good like admob . Amazon is not bad but only for US network.

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    I still use Tapgage primarily to run my own House Ads with theirs. Cross promoting other apps of mine.
    I tried to attach a screenshot but it wouldn't upload.  With avg 12k
    impressions per day I made just over $1000 from April to October.  AND
    run house ads for free.  Well worth it if you use it like I do.

     Pingjam changed their .sdk recently and started paying much more. On avg I was making $45 mo with Pingjam, now I make $210.  I have about 6k active Pingjam users in the high dollar category and 4k in the 1 dollar category.

  • I can't even log in to their page anymore. I get some certificate security warnings, then I get redirected to and stuff, and ultimately nothing happens.

    Is this company still alive? They owe me some money. :-(
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