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Selling on Samsung (Fees!)

Is anyone selling paid apps on Samsung?
Their fees are outrageous!!!
Just checked my Sales Summery and ... holy cow, batman!!!!

Sales Amount €1.50 Fees €1.29 Account Amount €0.21 (from Ireland)
Sales Amount $2.00 Fees $1.00 Account Amoung $1.00 (from Canada)
Sales Amount Php
80.00 Fees 71.53 Account Amount 8.48 (from Philippines)
What the heck? I think I need to increase the prices on Samsung!


  • Wow, is this for real? I can't believe it. There is almost no way to make money with these kind of fees.
  • Is the Samsung app store only used outside the US? I've asked friends with Samsung phones about it, and they've never heard of it.
  • edited October 2013
    They are also active on the US market, but obviously not too popular.
    Out of my downloads for the free apps, only about 5% are from US users.
    Lots of Canada, South Asia, and Europe.

    And yes, it's for real :-)

  • They are good for free apps, tho. I'm getting some really nice download numbers from them - much better, than on Amazon.
  • I only have Free Apps on Samsung (good job by the sounds of it).
  • is there developer fee when you sign, if so how much
  • No developer fee
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