Updating Custom Page in a Project

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Hey Folks, I am new here and just testing out Andromo. I just created a project using two CUSTOM PAGES, installed the app, and all is fine. How do I go an edit those custom pages and have the NEW data show up on the already installed app? Or does someone have to re-install the apk each time I make changes? Is there a way to make this happen automatically each time I add new data to a custom page?


  • Im afraid you must re-install every time you modify the custom page.

    Webpages forms and Facebook,Youtube....those are different...those ones get updated auto, no need to reinstall for viewing the changes.

  • Steve is correct. The 'Custom Page' activity is designed for static content, like the 'HTML Archive'. The 'Website' activity downloads data dynamically, as does RSS Feed, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and the upcoming Twitter activity.

    That being said, when you update your Custom Page and build your app again, you'd simply upload it to Google Play who will notify your users and let them download the new version automatically.
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