Andromo App Maker for Android v3.2.8 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version v3.2.8 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Added a Save Image option to the Flickr and RSS activity (in Photo Feed mode) on Android 2.3 and up.
  • Changed the “Set as wallpaper” option in the Photo Feed to be “Set
    picture as”. This gives the end user more control over what they can do
    with the photo. This allows the end user to crop the photo or even use
    it as a contact photo. This is available in Android 2.3 and up, older
    versions of Android will use the old “Set as wallpaper” functionality.
  • Moved the “Set Picture as” option from the overflow menu onto the action bar as an icon.
  • Added the ability for developers to select an Alternate package name for their app on the App Info tab
  • Removed and disabled Pingjam as a monetization option due to policy
    changes at Google Play. We recommend that anyone who was using Pingjam
    as a monetization option in their app should rebuild and update in
    Google Play immediately.

Andromo App Maker for Android v3.2.8 is now live at


  • Excellent work, thanks for the quick response.
  • Thank you so much :)
  • Seems the box with app description is gone as well?That was useful
  • Like @anteos said.
    Just wanted to report this.
  • A related question too:

    The way we can change the package of the app, does it help me generate the same app in free and paid version? Like add ads settings, keep the "com"identifier, build the app and keep this as Free, then remove ads, make adjustments, keep the "net" identifier, build it and promote as Paid? Or it wont work?
  • @anteos Yes that would work, you would have to manually turn the ads on and off as well, but creating free and paid apps is something you can use it for.
  • @anteos @sylviathewitch Yes we removed it in this version as we saw that it wasn't being used much for its intended Showcase purpose, however you can still create a description when you publish to our showcase. What were you two using it for?
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    I'm not one of the 2 you were asking, but I've used the description field to leave notes for myself, such as what "version" I last had things set for (ie: B&N vs. Google or Amazon).

    Perhaps a "Notes" field would be a useful thing to add?
  • Do you still plan to make similar changes to the Photo Gallery activity? If so, how soon? (I originally misunderstood this post and thought it included Photo Gallery, but after rebuilding my apps I see that is not the case.) Thanks!
  • @mark I wrote my description in andromo and when submitting to all the play stores I copied it from there.
    Was really handy and it would be nice to have it back (Please!!! ;-)

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    Exactly as sylviathewitch said, it was same for me, now I have to keep the description in a notepad file.
    Plus, thank you for your reply on the identifiers, that is extremely useful and saves me from much hassle.
  • @tholyoak Thanks for the information about the Description field. As far as the wallpaper change goes, yes we do plan on making the same wallpaper setting available to the Photo Gallery activity. There are a few additional changes that we need to make because the Photo Gallery files are local, but it's on our list.

  • @anteos @sylviathewitch thanks for the information I will pass it on.
  • so the only update is "set picture as" ? lol thanks
  • @apps6mg Nope, there's more. The most important features in this update are the removal of Pingjam and the ability for developers to use an alternative package name for a project. 

    There is also the save option that lets end users save the images in the Flickr and RSS Photo Feed activities, but I think more people will end up taking advantage of the alternative package name for free and paid apps.
  • @mark How did people have free and paid apps so far? As far as I know a few of them had free and paid options. They were all on PRO plans? Thanks.
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    Maybe they did what I planned to do:
    Created two projects at same time (the free and the paid), copying pasting everything and making progress with both of the apps at the same time.
    This change really saved me from 2 days work only for one app I was working on.
  • @hendrixs @anteos That seems to be what most people did, create two projects with the same (or similar) content, if they were not on the Pro plan. This change should alleviate some of that pain.
  • Thanks for the info.
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