Questions about the webviewer in zip archives vs. outside pages

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I was wondering if Andromo uses a different webviewer for outside pages as opposed to pages within a zip archive?

I ask this because when I view pages on the net with the webviewer they seem to display correctly, but when I incorporate things such as HTML5 video or audio tags or CSS files they do not work. Based off of this it seems to me that there are two different webviewers. Is this the case? If so please change this so that the HTML archive activity will be a lot more useful.


  • Yes, the Website activity and the HTML Archive activity are virtually the same, with a small amount of specific handling for each type. With respect to audio and video, they are the same. However....

    Local audio and video will not currently work in the HTML Archive activity. The reason that audio and video work when streamed is because the media content is outside the application. When the media files are embedded in the app, such as when using the HTML Archive, external applications such as the media player cannot access those files without the proper permissions and specific handling to access those files.

    This type of handling is on our list to look into further in the future, but as it stands, that's why it behaves differently.

  • What about CSS? Why won't the archive activity read CSS files?
  • I don't have any knowledge of any current problems with CSS in Andromo, however I'm just going by what people have contacted us about in the past. The most common problems associated with the HTML Archive are improper directory structure, path references, and invalid filesnames (very long filenames, or invalid characters in filenames).
  • Our HTML Archive activities work great for everything besides local audio/video (for the reasons Darryl stated above).  We found a work-around by using YouTube Playlists so we can still control the video content being pushed to those pages without having to rebuild/update the application.

    Our CSS/JS/etc files are read without issue.
  • Hmm...I'll have to double check my CSS file then. It is a very simple CSS file that just calls a background color. It works fine when I open the file in a browser on my computer but not in Andromo.
  • I think I've discovered the problem that I had with CSS. When I had a separate CSS file in the archive that the HTML page was calling to it didn't work. However, when I include the CSS code in my HTML file it works just fine. Just thought I would post this for others that may be in the same boat, and maybe save them some time.
  • When i tried uploading my JQuery HTML folder, it kept on giving errors when browsing the activity, so i had to host it on my website and link to it within the app.. a bit annoying to be honest as it could of been an offline app otherwise.

  • I tried font embedding in the HTML Archive and included the fonts (locally). It didn't work. This is a substantial problem for me, as I can't depend on everyone using their app online where I could supply the font externally. And fonts are an important aspect of my apps. I hope Andromo can get this fixed.
  • @sinc, this worked for me:

    I have all the fonts embedded in some of my apps.
  • The likely problem here is with your file paths. You need to be using relative paths and your folder structure needs to be correct.

    Make sure you follow this article exactly:

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