Double posts on RSS feed

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The posts from my RSS feed keep increasing after each refresh.  If I view the same feed on a browser, the feed is fine.  I haven't been able to figure it out.
Has anyone else ran into this?


  • RSS feeds vary quite a bit from one to another -- we've had to adjust things from time to time to support the flavours or quirks of individual feeds. It's most likely something a little different about your particular RSS feed's format that we need to accomodate.

    What is the feed URL you're using?
  • I've been having the double posts issue as well,  I'm using feeds from the U.S. Census bureau.

    More specifically:

  • Thanks for the URL. That feed looks pretty normal to me but it might be using a date format our parser doesn't recognize correctly...I'll pass it along.
  • Hello all,

    @welrob, your RSS feed does not contain any date information, right now that will cause problems in Andromo. If you add the publish date to your feed it should work properly.

    @gamesaviors I just tested your feed using Andromo 1.8.2 and I have not been able to get any duplicates to appear. Do you have any more information on the duplicates that are appearing?


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