Can I upgrade my existing market app with this?

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I have a market app and would love to use the next version as this. How do I ensure the package name is the same?


  • We don't let you modify the package name right now. While it could be added in as an 'advanced' feature, we're a bit leery to do it as it adds some complexity to Andromo - and a chance for users to break things in their project/app...

    For now, I'd say your best bet is to put our a "2.0" of your app that you make using Andromo and then direct people there from the old market app (or maybe even publish a final version of your "1.0" that mentions how to get "2.0" - just throwing some ideas out there).

    The nice thing about moving to Andromo from other 'simpler' app builders out there is our architecture. We designed it to be easily extensible with new activities and we're working on more all the time... Much more flexible than some of the other 'easy' app builders out there.
  • Thanks for your quick response.

    I would hate to lose the history of my existing app. The Advanced feature, while it adds complexity, will really get you developers of existing apps. Lack of an easy upgrade path may limit adoption. 

    I am likely going to make this the Pro version.

    Great platform! And great community.
  • Keep in mind that even if you used the same package name, it would also need to be signed with the same certificate in order for the Android Market to accept it as an update to your existing app.

    Andromo apps are signed with our certificate during the build process, so even if you used the same package name, the Android Market would still reject the APK file. (Just having the same package name alone would not work.)

    There may be ways we could support this as an advanced option, but it would introduce a lot of complexity, and it may not actually be possible in many cases.

    For whatever reason, Google has made it impossible to transfer an app from one certificate to another. There seem to be a lot of people who would benefit from this (consultants, companies that are under new ownership, etc.) so perhaps Google will change their policy in the future?

  • Thanks for this topic. As a new (and noob :) ) publisher, I created with another service, published, and then created a better version here with andromo... Luckily I didn't do much PR within our organization... I'll probably pull down the older one and add the new... Would be a nice feature to be able to replace, though.
  • I would like to chime in too.

    For 99 dollars, no ads from Andromo should appear anywhere, including application/package name. I would like to be able to change it, and if it is not added soon, my services with Andromo may discontinue.

  • The package name isn't visible to most users. Most downloads and sale are through the Google Play app on the Android device. Of course, we're looking at all options, but the issue remains that most of our users would prefer that things just work correctly. If you mess up the package name, you'll have no end of trouble.
  • The package name is clearly visible in the Play store URL, as well in the device itself under the app name. While I understand your concern for most users, there are advanced users (me) that would love that option.

    Thanks for the reply!
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