Retrieving an APK file

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I created an app some months ago. I have since deleted the project on andromo and did not save a copy of the APK file.
The APK is uploaded to google play but I cannot buy my own app and now I want to upload the file to another market.
Can I retrieve this file through Andromo or can anyone suggest how I can download it another way.


  • your app its free?
  • Yes all your apps are stored on andromo servers, just find it in the section with all your apps and download it.
  • I think mattbean delete the app from your dashboard, the need to buy or download your app from a root phone, to copy the .apk
  • thanks for the replies.
    @mastermx, The app is paid,
    @pixelpower, I cannot see any option to download from andromo servers anywhere within my andromo projects, could you explain where to find this option please.
    @ mastermx, I probably may have to open a new account or ask a friend to download as I cannot buy my own app from the marketplace?
  • I was foolish not to save the original .apk, The reason it was lost was due to wanting to make another version of the the app and as andromo does not enable copying projects I modified it and saved the modified version.
    Copying projects is, I believe, a needed work in progress of andromo.

  • Ok go to my projects

    if you dont see your app there then go to bottom of screen , you will see numbers 1,2,3,4, those are pages with your previous projects. Go and click on each one and look thorugh the page to see if it's there. Check all pages!!
  • @pixelpower, As I mentioned initially, I deleted the project .
  • @matt - If you have deleted your project on Andromo, there is no way to get that .APK from us. When a project is deleted, it's gone for good. Sorry.
  • @mastermx thanks, i will look into root explorer!
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