Millennial Media Arrives at Andromo

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We're pleased to announce the addition of the popular ad network Millennial Media to Andromo's supported ad networks in version 3.3.0.

We've integrated Millennial Media's Banner ads, Interstitial image ads, and Interstitial video ads, all of which offer an alternate source of revenue for your Andromo apps.

Below are examples of each ad format.

Millennial Media Banner Ad:
Millennial Media Interstitial Image Ad:

Millennial Media Interstitial Video Ad:



  • thanks darryl, this is great news
  • This is a good news...Thanks
  • The Application or Site does not contain a URL or the URL that was provided is invalid. Please provide a valid URL and resubmit for review.

    My app was refused. Should we first upload in Gplay and then give them the link or we give a Google Drive Link or sth?
  • It either needs to be already present in Google Play and you provide a link to it, or you would leave that information blank and instead submit screenshots of your app.

    For more information, see their help topic:
  • Thanks Darryl, I had read it but missed that part -.-
    I will add an existing Gplay app now.
  • My app has been rejected with following message

    Dear Developer,

    Your Application, xxx, has been denied for the following reason(s):

    • Unable to Validate Content

    on their site they say

    Unable to Validate Content – The application or site
    cannot be validated. This would include applications with a significant
    number of bugs or that crash frequently, or sites that are not available
    or do not render properly.

    The app has over 40k downloads on g play, i completed all the required fields as requested.  Has anyone else  had the same problem or success

  • @naqshbandi This might be due to the crash bug on 2.3.X that Andromo 3.3.0 had when List Dashboard were enabled. You might want to ask them what the issue was or try submitting it again.
  • I added Millennial in one new app and an older one. I want to try out how it goes, but of course I do understand that two apps are not enough to justify a judgement over how well the ad network performs.
    However, and since I know some of you proceeded with immediate updates of older apps, do you have any signs over their performance?

    I know it is too early, but well... I am curious :)
    For me, the app which gave me some impressions and clicks is too fresh to show some signs. Till now it is only at:
    754 views - 9 clicks - 0.06 USD
    Too early, but those of you with large user base should see some initial clicks and figures.
  • @anteos, thanks for sharing. Lets keep updating each other with how stuff goes. I didn't try Millennial yet, but I plan to soon.
  • my initial feedback is ads can take upto 5 seconds to load and ecpm is very low
  • I will not add them in another app, at least for now. They sure are attractive ads (I got 21 clicks already in apps which were fresh, about 1% of views became clicks) but they only gave 0.10$.
  • I'm still awaiting approval for my first 2 apps i sent them so I am still only seeing the "Test Ads" but yes i would agree they are slow at loading.
  • 1/ The banner ads are way too slow (at least in test mode)
    2/ I do not like, that you cannot close the Interstitial Video Ads (at least in test mode)
    3/ I am also waiting since Friday for the approval.What are their business hours Mo-Fr 9-5??? LOL!

    I am not too impressed so far and I do not like this time consuming approval process.
    When approved, I will give them a try for one of my apps, that has an avg. EPC on admob.
    If they do not perform way better, it is simply not worth going through all that.

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    Please keep us updated. I haven't tried them yet as I was busy with other things (which were only time wasters, as it turned out).
  • @sylviathewitch

    As far as the interstitial video ads, there is a "Continue" button that appears after a few seconds that allows you to close it.

    From my testing, there is a bit of a delay for the first ad (banners), however it gets better on subsequent requests. Fill rates also get better as time goes on too.

  • It took 4 days for them to reject my first app which they claim as explicit. So they are of no use to me! I tried them on a less questionable app and I found the interstitials to be a lot more obtrusive than Admob's. I couldn't close them!

    I'll stick with admob and search around some more for ways to monetize my other apps.
  • @darryl
    Thanks, I didnt see it when trying ... and if I don't see it, my guess is, that my users will not see it either!
    Lets rephrase, I dont like that the Interstitial blocks the return button. Which i think, 99% of the users would try to close it with.

    Oh and I am still waiting for the approval ... 5 Days and counting.
    I guess they mean the 24-48 business hours literally (5 Business Days with 8 business hours each = 40 hours).
  • My first 2 apps have been rejected, but when i review my apps none of the below reasons are valid !?!

    Unable to Validate Content – The application or site cannot be validated. This would include applications with a significant number of bugs or that crash frequently, or sites that are not available or do not render properly.

    I will have to email them...
  • @sylviathewitch
    The ability to close them (interstitials and video interstitials) is on a timer. So you can't close it for a few seconds until the close buttons appears. You can see examples of those in the screenshots in the beginning of the thread. We don't have any control over that type of functionality.

    As far as the wait times, it's possible they got hammered with approval requests from Andromo users in a short period of time which could account for what you're experiencing.

    When you submitted your app for approval, did you link to an app in Google Play, or did you just provide screenshots? If it's a link, you'll want to double check that it's a complete URL.

    I don't know if this bug affected you, but there was a crash bug that affected some users as described in the release notes for Andromo 3.3.1:

    If that's the case, you should update your app, and submit again just in case that's the cause.
  • Ok i will resubmit and ensure i include a link to GP - Thanks!
  • @tamworthheat

    Just to clarify, you're not required to provide a link to Google Play (for example, your app hasn't been released yet), but if you don't, you must provide screenshots of your app. So it's a case of at least one or the other.
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  • Ok, my submitted app has been denied too (after 6 days ...).
    Reason: Unable to Validate Content

    And yes: I have added my GP link and the app was build with the latest andromo version.

    The very same app/version has been accepted by Samsung, even with their very thorough testing.
    So there is absolutely no reason, why they would decline this app.

    I took the time to wrote to mmedia and asked what their problem is.
    Now I probably need to wait another week to get a reply.

    Good grief, I am spending more time in getting a simple ad approved, than creating the app itself :-)
    From what I have seen so far: Not worth the hassle, way to complicated and time consuming.

  • May I add, too low profit.
    36 clicks, $0.13

  • Ok, thanks for the info @anteos!
    36 clicks probably means around 1000 impressions (right?).
    That sounds like a tapgage-dejavu to me :D

  • If this is so, then the only decent advertisers out there are AdMob and Amazon.
  • Haha man it seems really hard to get a good AD company , tafuckgage was the worst though.
  • @sylviathewitch

    I don't know exactly what their approval process consists of, ie. whether they actually install the app, or just look at the app's screenshots. The only thing you can do is shoot them an email and ask, as you've done.

    As far as revenue goes, I'm sure it will differ quite a bit between apps (app content), what campaigns are running  etc. I also believe that the ads being served get better over time. In other words, you'll likely get the most common, least paying ones to start off.


    In my opinion AdMob is a great advertising network, and yes, it will definitely be tough to beat. Millennial Media is a big player as well and widely used. There's certainly a lot of others out there with claims, but what they say, and what actually happens are often very different.

  • @darryl: I've meant that on general - there are very few ad networks out there which are liked by app publishers. If what you predict is true, then Millenial could be a good alternative to AdMob.
  • I keep seeing this:

    HTTP Status 404 -

    type Status report


    description The requested resource () is not available.

    Apache Tomcat/6.0.18

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