Show off your Android Apps Created with Andromo

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So, you've worked hard on making a cool new Android app using Andromo (

Show it off in the App Showcase!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create an Android App using Andromo - The Free Android App Maker for Everyone!
  2. Upload it to the Android Market - It's seen by millions of Android users!
  3. Publish it on Andromo's Android App Showcase - It's free!
  4. Post a New Discussion here on the Andromo App Maker for Android Forums
  5. Enjoy the fame :)
So, what are you waiting for? Tell us what you've made!


  • I would lke to do both things but uploading to android market would ruin me,

    I really wish to put my app in the showcase.

  • Do you mean Google's $25 fee to create an accont on Android Market?
  • Hope to get mine soon in both locations.. Got a few more details to work out. You got a awesome site here and loving the features...
  • >> uploading to android market would ruin me

    Google charges your $25 to create an account on the Android Market. The good thing is that once you have that account, you can add as many apps to it as you can make. In the end, it's a pretty cheap way to advertise to 100 million people or so!

    Of course, you can always just put your App up on your website or blog or whatever, but the Android Market means a lot of eyes.
  • There's always Bazaar...

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