Amazon Developer Select promotions are gone?

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When I click on Tab (Promotions) on amazon account everything is gone. But when I click on my app it still says:

Congratulations! Your app is qualified for the Developer Select program.

Is your promotion tab also empty?


  • No, I have still a few "active", some "ended" and a lot with status "scheduled".
  • Yep, me too. I actually just got invited to the Amazon Ads Beta testing - soon we will be able to advertise our apps by paying for the advertisements. I'm now "spending" 300 USD for one campaign (they don't really charge for it in the beta). We'll see how it goes. :)
  • @hendrixs
    I also received the invitation, registered of it and after few days I received the survey. However, I was never notified if I am ready to start a promotion or not. I tried to find something in the interface but didnt make it.
    Did they ever email to tell you you are ready to start the campaign or you simply found your way to it, and can you please share how you did it?

  • @anteos: Go to --> Apps & Services --> Promotions ---> Advertisements

    I then just selected the app, CPC and the budget and that was it. :)

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Hendrixs, I had tried to be there but I see none of my apps in there. I suspect it might be browser problem though, I will keep trying
  • You can try to reach Amazon - they are always quick to respond and very helpful. They're nice guys. :)
  • I found my way by reaching Amazon as you suggested. They told me I can make a campaign of up to $500 cost without any charge, and they fixed my account for not seeing any app available. However, the panel needed a credit card to be inputted. As a result, I am a bit worried - I hope I will not be charged at all :s
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