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my admob revenue has dropped by around 30 percent last 3 to 4 days, before that it was fairly consistent. Is anyone else experiencing the same


  • @androidtt Not me, in fact the last week has been my best week since 2014 started.
  • @androidtt: Same for me - impression count is roughly the same, but revenue is down 20% or so. This is now lasting for the last 3-4 days.
  • Everything was cool with me until the 26th of March. Sense then, things have dropped of by 45-50%... been pretty brutal. I have hope that it will turn back around at the beginning of April and the new quarter. 
  • Me neither! Like Mark, the last week was the best since the beginning of the year.
  • Hm, I too should have had a good week, based on impression count, but the impression RPM in the last week went down from 1.77 EUR to 1.28 EUR. :-(

    What could be the reason?

  • I recomend the use of admos floor beta.

    More stable in revenues
  • My RPM is down fro 1.62 EUR from a week ago to 1.16 EUR. That's alarming, it was rarely so low. I just hope it gets back to normal (1.40 EUR or so) sooner than later.
  • Well, my mean RPM is only 0,55 € but never was more than 0,6 €.
    I think it is because most of my apps are in Spanish,

    For my apps in English the mean RPM for 30 days is 0,74 €, and last month 0,79 €

    I don't hope for more than that.

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    I read an article (i'll try and find the link) about ads and now that spring is here it means that many ads (at the mo) will be for gardening and outdoors type which will work better for some apps and not so for others. So many people see a complete drop off in revenue as new ads are displayed in lesser used apps (cheaper CPC) to gauge CTR.  I have music apps that are displaying GARDENING ads that have little relevance to my apps.  Check what ads are now being displayed in your apps and see if it makes sense as a reason for not getting clicks.  This may not have big impact on your apps but could well be contributing to drop off whilst others are seeing an upturn #JustAthought
  • I have the same problem. My revenue is steadily decreasing from past 3 days. And the weird thing is that i haven't received a single cent or impression today and its been 18 hours. Please update the info here if figure out what the problem is.
  • @tamworthheat the thing is that my clicks and impressions have not had any change, they are actually continuing to grow. No drop of in clicks at all this week, the only number that is lower is the RPM (I still dont know of any difference between RPM and eCPM in the old admob, they seem the same to me) It went up slightly today over the last few days, but I am just hoping it rebounds over the next few weeks. I would love to see more info on the admob floor beta @notraf mentioned. 
  • @tamworthheat, I am sure you are correct. I have checked into what ads are displayed (over the past 6 month) and the RPM depends heavily on this factor.

    E. g. for my German targeted apps, I did very well with an ad for a certain browser/mobile game. When they finished their campaign with admob my revenue droped by 40%. 

    @notraf ... I have tried to set minimum CPM for 2 of my lesser performing apps and the result was devestating.
    After changing the min eCPM from standard $0.01 to $0.02 my fill rate dropped by 50%. Of course the Impression RPM went up, but the overall revenue tanked to 60% of my former income.

    Might be, that this works for some apps (and some geo location) but the two I have tested (one US targeted and one European targeted app) deff, did not.

    Yesterday and today was below average (especially since weekends usually have an above average RPM).
    I had those ups and downs in the past as well, so I would not be too worried about.

  • Thanks for the insights, everyone.

    My RPM improved yesterday - it was 1.37 EUR. I'm OK with that.

    @sylviathewitch: I just took off Beta Floor testing from my to-do list. ;) I had thoughts from the beginning that it could be a double-edged sword. Thank you for sharing the results.

    @priyank1991: Sometimes this is a glitch that corrects itself sooner than later. If you haven't received any notifications from AdMob, it should not be a problem. Nevertheless, if the problem persists for more than a day, try contacting them.
  • I would request andromo ,Admin, to help we members to monetize and start more other option like Revmob too, as an optional source coz Revmob is regular and fast too show earnings , to avoid delays and error's as we see admob is going slow down sometimes,!!!
  • Admob is starting to drop in revenue much for me as well.
    Even though I keep uploading new apps, updating older ones and doing some high level marketing, the revenue drops. I now make almost same money I made when I was uploading to half the markets and with half the apps I got now. This is kinda disturbing, I hope things stabilize and correct a bit :S
  • This comes and goes in waves, I suppose. But yeah, depending only on GP is risky.
  • hello friends

    I set the "floor admob" so that 70% of ads come from this system and the rest of the normal admob.

    Thus the number of clicks and profits rise quite 50%.

    Anyway the ecpm remains low. For me, $0.85 ecpm medium, and in apss in English $1 is a great result.

    I don`t expect more with about 40000 ads sown per day.

    but now some apps are coming up strong (yesterday and today) in ecpm. It may be for the Easter season.
  • In addition the selection of countries is important for cpm. In my English performance is much higher in USA than in India. It makes no sense to put the same cpm in admob floor if you have a lot of Indian users.
  • @sylviathewitch start settting the ecpm for admob floor beta in about 0.7 or more.

    Then, if the admob floor has few fill rate (less than 60% ) try with 0.5

    Never set admob floor beta at a value less than 0.2

  • @sylviathewitch: did tweaking AdMob Floor help to improve your earnings? I didn't try it yet, to be honest. :)
  • Yes @sylviathewitch . The earning change tweaking the Admob Floor. Set a High ecpm in it but not as high than any add is showed, of course. Try and see the statistics, and try again.
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    Sorry for the delayed reply. Had the nastiest flu ever :-(

    @notraf ... do you leave 2 active ad networks (admob network AND AdMob eCPM Floor Beta) or do you actually delete admob and only leave AdMob eCPM Floor Beta active?

    I have done a few tests with both networks active (admob network set to $0.01 and admob floor beta set to $0.03 respectively $0.05) and nothing changed (same epcm, same impressions etc.).

    I am somewhat a "chicken" in regards to changing too much, since my ecpm is avobe €2.00. I always think "if it is not broke, don't fix it" :-) ... you know what I mean.

    @hendrixs ... still owe you a chat :-) need to catch up with everything I have missed over the past 2 weeks and get back to you ASAP.

  • @sylviathewitch: Happy to hear you are good now. :)

    Your eCPM is stellar. Mine is now between 1.50 and 1.70 EUR. I don't blame you for not willing to try to tweak stuff. :) But, what I've noticed is that the more apps and more DL's, the better the eCPM gets. As I've mentioned somewhere else, I have 3 new games (all in different categories), and the eCPM is constantly hovering around 1 EUR or less.

  • @sylviathewitch: Sorry for the delay. I was occupied working and in tourism :-)

    I have both networks active (admob network set to $0.01 and admob floor beta set to $1 in several apps. Try setting it in a high value. For your revenue may be setting admob flor beta in 2.5$ or more can be good. Then this ads will appear only if they have ads well paid.


  • @hendrixs do create games app with andromo.
    Any clue how to start off
    Thank you
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    @freeappzone: I buy code and give them to programmers / graphic designers to make re-skins out of them (I have 6 games in total). However, I have yet to see good results from this. Making Andromo apps is more profitable for me, but this is a little secret, that no one wants you to know about. :) Making many small / simple (but quality) apps is better than making 500-1000 USD games.
  • Also, @pixelpower has great tutorials on how to make HTML5 games, which can be implemented in Andromo. Checks out his stuff, it's good.
  • Thank you @hendrixs
    After being here, I learned a lot
    You are a great help.
  • Wow $500-$1,000 games that's really tough to earn back your investment. I would not suggest doing that but app's designed well make good money and games designed well make good money also.  It also depends with app's users will discover them own thier own because they will be looking for something specific. Games you have to promote on facebook and twitter a little more .
  • I sell my Zombie Tap Smash source code for $5 since its a simple game. That way a developer can reskin it 5-7 times and make their money back easily. You can try the android APK version here

    And my service is here

    Also I made a Pop Quiz Framework for free here for Andromo users
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