Can i have 2 acounts of google android developer

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Can i have 2 acounts of google android developer? ot it against google tos?


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    I've talked with Google directly about this and yes, you can have as many accounts as you want, there is no limit.

    But be careful, if one account gets banned, it is almost certain, that others will also get banned automatically.
  • and what can you do when you do get banned?
  • You can ask Google to reinstate your account, but they rarely do it. The problem is that their bans are for life. :-/
    However, there is a possibility of opening a new account on a family member, but this sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. The only "compliant" way to open a new GP account is to open a LLC and register it on the new company.
  • No you can't open 2 Google developer account. It is against Google policy. Be careful.
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