Problems with Stuck Building on App

Please reset my build project as it is stuck on BUILDING... and it was completed hours ago.  It for some reason is hung up saying building... thank you 


  •    Yeah it does seem lately building takes too long. My app is only 400 kb and its taking 10 minutes per build.
  • My problem isnt that its taking too long.  My problem is that it is a bug on the site it has been over 4 hours now and it built within 5 mins.  I cannot do anything as it is stuck saying building telling me to wait but it has been done already now for hours and someone within the site administration needs to clear the queue or reset something to open my ability to edit and rebuild up.
  • @liquidzgrl
    I've responded to your support submission, please respond there if you're still having issues.
  • After having my app built, emailed and downloaded - I can't go back and edit it.  It has been like this for 1 hour.  It says "Still Building".  I have submitted a support request.
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    Good day to all,

    I have done a few app built and there no issue as mention by @tamworthheat or @liquidzgrl

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  • Sorted! Real fast response from support - Thanks!
  • If anyone ever has any issues building, the best place to contact us is via our support page, as you're likely to get a quicker resolution there.
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