Official Andromo App Maker app up on Google Play

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The official Andromo App Maker app is now up on Google Play!

Please download and give it a rating if you will. Thanks very much!


  • Thank you done
  • Awesome!!
  • To be honest i did not seen it yet .However i am happy to hear this news.
  • Dear friend, creating application with Andromo appears to be limited to the cell (processor speed and internet), and has limitations in terms of creativity (you can only create pages readers or playlists), I found no information to create forms that they can make an address and play as streaming tv channel live, nor found the advice to create an application that can read local database (files, documents, calculations, etc.).

    I have no idea on how to be creative when the resulting application will be too slow or fast according to the device and may occupy many megabytes, no one can generate more light.
  • Thank you done
  • Hi I have created an application
    with their service, the
    question is this how I
    should configure for
    that application is
    published in google
    play, as I have tried to find this application and you can not find it
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