the $99 to remove ads, is that per application?

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Do you have to pay the $99 gold upgrade for every app you write if you want to remove ads, even if you produce a new version of the same app?


  • It's per app - <cheeky>and it's a great deal!</cheeky> :) 
  • you should keep the $99  that way i could really make it 
  • The $99 is a great deal for sure. We're seeing all our (less featured!) competitors start offering $79 per month and such. We want to give you great value! And we are!
  • Does the $99 per app also remove the reference to Andromo in the about section of the app?
  • Yes, it does.
  • Okay, it's 99 per application, per year, or is it a one-time fee?
  • It's per-year. Specifically, it enables building apps that are completely without ads for one year; at the end of the year, your existing apps will still not have ads in them. The ads don't magically appear at the end of the year...once you build an app without ads, that .apk will never have ads, ever.

    After a year, if you decide not to renew the Gold upgrade, then when you rebuilt the app, the newly built version would have ads. (Your previously built .apk files still wouldn't, though.)

    It's up to you whether you renew an app after the year is up. It won't change the apps you've already built -- only the versions you build from that point forward.

    We could have been a lot greedier about it, but we're trying hard to keep Andromo friendly and fair -- the kind of service we'd want to use if we weren't already hotshot programmers. :)

  • so we spend 199$ to remove ads per app per year?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    No -- spending $199 buys you one full year to build as many versions of that app as you want, as many times as you want, that will never show any ads, ever.

    When you build your project, it creates a new .apk file -- a new version of your app. If your app is a Gold app without ads when you build it, that .apk file is completely ad free. It will never show ads.

    The only way you'll ever see ads in an app is if you build it when it isn't Gold -- and even then, the ads will only appear in the new version that you built. Your existing versions of that app would still be ad-free.

    Building new versions of an app doesn't change any copies of the app
    you built in the past. (That's why you need to upload new versions to
    Google Play...users don't get any changes you make to an app until you
    give the new version to them.)

    Once you build an app without ads, that .apk has ads turned off forever.
    You could keep using it for 20 years, win an award for having the
    oldest working Android phone, and it still wouldn't be showing ads. =T
  • I was about to purchase Gold membership but I see that there was a $100 price increase. I'll have to save my pennies some more until I try again. Hopefully, by then there won't be another price increase :P
  • Let me yet this right.  All I need is a simple Yes or No.  The $199 is for each app you build to have it without adds.  If I build two apps its £398, etc, etc, etc?
  • @armstrongcreative Yes it's $199 per app, per year. The confusion in this thread is centered around what happened after a year is up. After that point if you want to build your app again (ad free) you will have to pay another $199. If you don't need to build your app again then you don't need to pay another more and your app will remain ad free.

  • After you build the app if we want to modify the code and make changes and not have Andromo build it again do we still have to purchase the Gold Package?  Also once we pay the $199 does that mean we can set our own price for the application and also make updates with our own program?  Thank you.
  • @scaperfan - If you don't pay for gold you never have to pay for gold and can build/update your app as much as you want. If you do pay, your app remains gold for a year, and you can build/update it as many times as you want. When you buy cold you can set the price for you app in the Google Play store.

  • @mark Are you saying that $199 is not for unlimited apps but to remove the andromo banner and adverts only? which means its now expensive because then for 10 apps its $1990!!? I thought the $199 was a once off fee for all Apps not just one and the $99 was for one App? Pls clarify is i have to make a decision latest tomoro
  • @ilect It's $199 per app per year. If you wanted to to ten apps then it would cost $1990.

    Also remember that you can create as many apps as you want for free. The $199 gold packages gives you access to additional activities, removes the branding from the about dialog, and allows you to remove all ads from the app.

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    I understand the premise of the fee and all. However you schould make this a little more obvious for the fast mouse clickers out their that the $200 is per project, per year.
  • With that said, good job on andromo.
  • @linuxnut97 Thanks for the comment, we are working on writing something that will explain the gold feature more clearly.

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