Admob vs Google Mobile Ads? Has Andrmomo been updated?

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Hi Andromo and users,

I received the following email from Admob on 4 June:

"Upgrade to lastest SDK. Having the latest Google
Mobile Ads SDK in your app can help you achieve higher eCPMS and increase fill
rates. Our latest SDKs introduced support for anonymous device identifiers
(such as Android Advertising ID and Apple's Advertising ID) so advertisers can
track ad campaign results and improve their return on investment. You can
benefit from increased investment in apps by advertisers by ensuring your app
uses the latest SDK. Additionally, starting from August 1st, the Google Play store will stop accepting
new or updated apps that do not include Advertising ID. Please take this chance
now to upgrade your SDKs and prepare for the deadline." 

When clicking through to the link to update, I found the following message: 

"Deprecated. On August 1, 2014, Google Play will stop accepting new or updated apps that use the old standalone Google Mobile Ads SDK v6.4.1 or lower. You must upgrade to the Google Play version of the Mobile Ads SDK by then."

The latest version of Andromo v4.0.6 (18 June) states that the AdMob SDK version is 4.4.52-000. 

Andromo, please confirm that Andromo will be updated accordingly and in time for the Google Play deadline.

Does anyone know what the difference is between Admob and Google Mobile Ads, and is anyone using the latter?


  • I agree we need to have this cleared up, I thought only Google mobile ads were Admob. There are no stand alone Google Mobile Ads any longer that I am aware of those Adense mobile ads were done away with and everyone was forced over to Admob.

    I read it to mean we need our Admob SDK updated to version required in order to upload any new apps or upload newer versions of existing apps. IE the submitted apps must use a SDK greater than 6.4.1 by August 1st 2014
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    Andromo is already not using the old admob SDK, it's using the Mobile Ads SDK built into Google Play Services and has been for quite a while (since January IIRC).

    And yes, it is using the Android Advertising ID; the Google Play Services library is what generates the ID, and the Mobile Ads SDK (which is part of that library) handles all of that automatically.
  • would not able to understand this above matter so can we go ahead adding code of admob in andromo will those ads wil run or not coz this days I feel that there is zero revenues in admob , so our use andromo and addind code should not go waste unless new admob sdk should be activate by andromo or auto update in our apk given to us 
  • To be clear, Andromo is already up to date. Andromo is already using the new AdMob SDK.
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