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Yes my account was terminated by Google play, and yes two accounts . You must understand that on play store you are giving just ONE warning (very unfair , if you have another app suspended, then your account is terminated, it could be instantly or some days later. SO lets say on Play Store, you have TWO life line.

1. a One account was terminated because I used copyrighted images on my TWO of my app Play Store listing i.e the 512X512 . on two apps. In one app, I used just a copyrighted image as the listing image, even though i wrote unofficial in app name and in description, it was still suspended!!! . So for those of you who think, you can write unofficial in the description or title, that may appeal to some people but not the Play Store Evil-Robot . let call it e-robot for references.

b. on the second app, I placed many copyrighed images to form my 512x512 image, this time i was not impersonating one person per say. I was imply generalising, but guess what, the e-robot still suspended my app and in less than one minute i got a termination email. Now this first account came under 5 minutes, the first app suspension, the second app suspension, and the termintion all came in less than 5 minutes, there was nothing i could do to change it. Appealed but the e-robot replied as usual, no human support!!

2. My second account got two apps also suspended, one for making a china cctv channel app and almost a year later my second app got supended for making a Youtube movie app. So for those of you making Youtube apps for movies, music or any copyrighted video, your days in Playstore is numbered, not even Play store even admob has started disabling ads on apps having copyrighted youtube videos (one of my admob account got 5 policy violation email, I was scared i didnt know what the maximum number of violation was, so i terminated my Google account and start afresh on admob. yes suffered loss,( but its better than getting banned by them)  disadvantage of stand alone apps, cos i cant simply change my admob adunit and have it synced to all users i have to rebuild.  So some days later my account was terminated, do know if its because I kept contacting their support on why  the second app was suspeded

SO to get back on Play store is to be a different
person. different bank card (not same name as the former, you can get a
friends card or go register a business entity, get a bank account for it
and bank card for it), different pc, you can use same mobile internet
or different e.g sprint, orange etc. for instance if you were using
orange GSM network for your ISP, when your account was banned, YOU DO
NOT need to move to Verizon mobile internet, cos its a public ISP and
there are other developers using it also, so it cannot be blacklisted by
the Play Store automated system.

And ofcourse, you wont publish
same apps as was before, you would have to rebuild it on new package
name and of course you do not have to use another app maker tool,
because Andromo is a public tool and their keystone cannot be blacklisted by
Play Store also cos many developers are using it. but you have to build
your apps from scratch again, maybe change your account name in "About
US" in app.  and if you must build same app, try to make it look
different this time,  different icons, images etc . buttom line is BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON!!
:(( :))


  • me too it happen same with me too, now I am having third account got one app suspend notice (before app is publish in store ), that means the robot is checking now this days before app comes in stores ?
    so I have unpublished few more apps coz suspend notice 2nd time is not good that will 100% we will be kicked out , well I wanted to ask you coz you seem to be more experience , if we can get regular wall papers royalty free can you show me from where we can get , secondly can we add second activate as some clickbank website referral affiliate program url will that be deducted by GP robot ,,,,coz there not much revenue in admob , and no other website is paying revenue here in andromo only little bit hope is in admob, ,,,
    your advice will be appreciated 
    thanking you 
  • My advice is get serious, play as fairly as possible and be patient. Make many apps you consider good enough and Admob revenue will increase. If you keep searching for bypassing Google robots, you will eventually get banned again. It is not worth it!
  • If your GP account has been flagged I'm pretty sure every App you upload will be scanned for non-compliance.  If you have used copyrighted images as logos etc this cannot be noticed by robot, a person would have to view the image to see it is infringing copyright, thus the immediate ban.  Imagine a person whose job it is to go through 1000's of apps and spot copyright infringement, for their own (GP's) sake they would just ban it and not waste any more time on it.  It's too easy to create apps without creating content, I imagine there are 1000's of devs doing the same, it's not in GP's interest to spend time liasing with devs about where they're going wrong.  If you like the look of a logo - get creative and create your own style which is unique but recognisable...  If you dont have photoshop to create professinal logos etc use or something.
  • @amansapp first to use affilaite links in app is not good, its against google play policy, to get free photos.. what i use sometimes is To change the settings in Google search images to"labeled for reuse" so nwhen you type here, the images that google will show is those that are not protected by copyright and can be used.. yeah i told andromo that we need a good banner adnetwork that supports mediations of many other ones like MObfox mediation has many networks on their partners list. even thou admob has mediation, we do want to use admob for apps that are not compliance to avoid it being disabled.

    @tamworthheat, google doesnt use humans to check logos, checking logos and videos are easily done by their robots.. e.g when you upload an video on youtube having a copyright video or music  on it.. while its being uploaded, Youtube already identifies the copyright music/video and its copyright owner and informs you as you upload... so they do not need to employ thousands of humans and get a human to check thousand of apps, their robots does thousands of apps screening in hours, and regularly...
  • well I do not have much option's only wallpapers or audio mp3 songs but will mp3 have any problem like in copy-rights policy ? even if I download mp3 songs and upload at audioplayer or shout cast activate will that be sfe from GP ?
  • i do not think it will be safe, its still music copyright, if you must make such apps, do not submit on google play and do not use admob... publish on play store and use admob on only those that are compliant with their policy., becos 2 lifeline isnt much bro,, to gamble with....
  • I see a lot of people using AdMob on wallpaper type of apps and some of these apps have 5.000.000+ downloads. It's really tough to decide if one should create such apps or not.

    A friend of mine works as a freelancer for a publisher who got suspended because they were making game guides. But the funny thing is that they bought all the rights or had agreements with the publishers to make guides for their games. They were already suspended once, and after they proved that they have all the necessary rights, GP restored their account. They were OK for a few months and now they got banned again. It's crazy.
  • Lots of small and indie developers are being terminated in the name of policy violation even without warning! or not even a single choice is given for them to correct their mistakes.
    More over there are no human beings in google to assist with developers. Only automated systems simply yell out messages on a repeated basis, without solving our problem.
    Making error is a human nature we are not asking for exemption from the error. But a chance and time to correct ourselves which is very reasonable for the efforts we make and our VALUABLE TIME we invest in developing apps.
    Developers are not simple programs, just to delete from the system.
    Many developers's accounts are terminated without any valid reason. People work with much hope that their project would be a successful one. But suddenly they just see the termination message to their frustration.But now lots of small and indie developers are being terminated in the name of policy violation even without warning! or not even a single choice is given for them to correct their mistakes.
    More over there are no human beings in google to assist with developers. Only automated systems simply yell out messages on a repeated basis, without solving our problem.
    We really need to get them to listen and as the other user said, sign the dam petition:
    Sign this petition:
  • Thanks for the share.
  • Is there no any other store i mean good store to publish
  • It happened to me today without any reasons. No issues in images, sounds...but still suspended by imperson policy and it leads to the termination strike. It is hard to know that the game is on the store about three months. Now just wait for reply after appeal.
  • Glad to share an experience about terminate bypass. Never access the gmail of terminated account again. My friend uses a computer in company to register a new google dev account after terminated. Everything is ok for 2 months with some games published. But he got a problem about password. So he sent an email contains the login info from company to his gmail and opend it at home. Booom, terminate again without any reason.
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    @deansmith, thanks for the share! It's good to be aware of these issues.
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    I wish Google was more willing to communicate with the developers. I am very mindful of copyrights, but still freaking out a little whenever I check my developer account e-mail in fear that they didn't like something or found something that I missed. Same with AdMob - almost makes me switch to FAN completely just because I don't want to risk getting perma-banned on Google Ad services which also run across websites and youtube, even though I am trying to pay attention that everything is in check with Google's requirements. I heard so many horror stories. I wish Google was more like "hey dude, I think you messed up, check it out and fix it" but more often than not they apparently just ban you forever.

    I used to think that being an independent developer is mostly stable and stress-free, but reading topics like this makes it feel like it's the complete opposite. It's weird, considering Google has the same attitude with Play, Admob, Adsense, Youtube and wherever they rely on content creators sticking with them. It's almost as if they are taking advantage of monopoly, because they have so many creators anyway that banning some is just easier than talking to them about issues. That is very dramatic for people who are working hard on their content and trying to play by the rules but make a mistake or are suspected of making a mistake and get punished by being banner forever.
  • @deansmith
    He'll get banned eventually, no worries. Or they'll just hide that app from search. I hope the original dev reports them, tho.

    I's stressful all right. I can't really tell how I know this (it's not a public forum story), but there's a guy who was making $100K/month with AdSense and they banned him just like anyone else (he was buying established websites and of course putting his own AdSense ID's on them, but one website that he bought was in policy violation, so he got banned)... No matter how big you get, they don't care. At least they didn't a year ago, when this happened.
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    @hendrixs, that's messed up. Also if you get banned on AdMob because someone wants to mess up your monetization on an app and spam clicks you without your knowledge, you're gone for life. You can basically forget about making Youtube videos, which are Adsense only. You can also forget about best source of income for websites. That is crazy.

    Anyway, I was hoping one day I can start making a living on making apps, independently, but it seems so damn risky. An AdMob block would be a horrible hit, while a Google Play ban essentially puts you out of business of Android development. It makes sense to ban extreme offenders that I see on Play everyday, but it sucks that it happens to legit developers.

    Wish Google partnered with developers and communicated better. I've heard numerous times about similar issues that Youtubers have. A buddy of mine got his channel demonetized, a channel with over a hundred thousand subscribers, dozens of videos with quality content. He just got an e-mail and that's it. Appeals rejected by a bot.
    He was forced to basically forget about what he wanted to do and was doing since the first year of college (so about 6 years?), and go back to looking for a "normal" job, an idea he hated.

    From what I've heard, things are a little better with Apple - it's harder to make your app published and for it to stay, but then they are apparently less likely to outright ban you.
  • @szymon247
    Yeah, getting banned from AdMob/AdSense is a big blow, because it's for life. But luckily, they are a bit less ban-happy as they were before. You should be here back in 2012-2013. Those were some turbulent times.

    You can go full time, just be 100% sure that everything you publish is compliant with all policies. That's not hard to accomplish, it's just quite expensive (writers, graphics design, images).

    Also, how are your new apps performing lately? To my surprise, 3 of my new apps are hardly getting any traction. I'm a bit surprised by that.
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    @hendrixs I am trying to make sure all is in accordance with policies. I create most of my own stuff myself. I wrote a story for a game and created graphics from my own pictures. If I don't create my own stuff, I use stuff that is officially stated as ok for commercial use.
    I am still finding things like "the Youtube icon has to be exactly what we say it has to be" which will ruin an otherwise smooth design, and I still worry that there might be something I didn't catch. My most popular app is surprisingly one of my firsts before I knew better - a radio app streaming three niche shoutcast stations and I am strongly hoping they don't play anything violating any copyrights, which makes me wonder every day if I should remove it from the Play Store. It gets me most of my revenue, though, so I have no clue what to do about it? There are no popular songs there and I believe it's mostly their own content, but I couldn't find good advice on this anywhere.

    I published only one niche app in March. It was something I made in a few hours after finding a source of free content and didn't have huge expectations for but it seems to be doing slightly better than expected, if +- 10-15 downloads a day can be called that.
    I also had apps I had higher expectations for that basically didn't catch any traction. I think a lot has to do with luck and how findable your app ends up being - at least for me. I tried positioning some apps best I could and they would still not be easy to find on the Play Store, so I had to give up on them. That is always disappointing if a simple app you made in a few hours does better than an app you spent weeks making. Maybe you had an unluckly streak of such kind. Some of my apps also took a hit due to Play listing books, movies and results for a related but different, more popular keyword first for some searches.

    I have more impressions and clicks yet less revenue, though, which is my biggest problem. The income has been tanking since December.
  • @szymon247: Adsense (for website and youtube) is easier to get ban than Admob.
    Google had terminated me but today, it wanted me to make a survey for its Google Play Console :). Hard to say my feeling at that times.
    Finally, I found something in Underground section of Amazon store while creating a new Google dev account. We better fu*k the money any time and any where :)
  • @szymon247
    If it's only one app in question, I'd leave it. One suspended app is not a problem. I think the risk is worth the reward (considering that it's your best performing app). After all, there are 1000's of radio apps.

    I too find that quick projects tend to do better than multi-week projects. For the last app I have spent around 400 EUR for content/graphics creation and it's getting like 10 DL's per day. With this rate I'll never recoup the costs.

    My income is also falling, but it's due to lower number of new users. I'm in a slightly negative trend since October '16. Is still can't complain about the revenue, but I just can't reverse the trend.
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    @hendrixs Yeah, I had to give up on several other radio apps that were briefly published due to copyright concerns. I had such tough time thinking about taking this last one down, it's making up to a few bucks per day, is fairly niche and getting really nice comments, which made me feel like people find it genuinely useful. It has a ~4.5 ranking too.
    That said, I started making apps late last year and really like it, so I didn't want to mess it up with a mistake made early on.

    Yeah I feel like Google Play is sometimes randomly rewarding, and sometimes disappointing. It might feel like you put your heart and soul into something and you believe it's great, but it just won't do well no matter what you do. I'm working on my first game now, spent plenty of time learning but also making it. But there are so many really advanced games on Play that end up in the 100-500 downloads brackets, that knowing this when making a game is very discouraging.

    I thought a good strategy would be to publish an early trial version (before putting in even more work) to see if it catches on but sometimes it isn't easy, especially as most early versions won't show the quality of the finished product and that might be why it isn't catching on. Making a trial frequently already takes huge amounts of effort, so finishing it and publishing a complete one might as well be better than jinxing it with a half-baked product.
  • @szymon247
    That strategy can work. I use it frequently with my apps (I don't have any new games, tho). :) I publish about half of what I plan to, release the app and wait to see what happens. If it picks up, I gradually add content so users are happy. I just wish I would have done this with one of my latest apps, instead of burning a chunk of money right away.

  • Hi all,
    After more two weeks with many appeals. I got some interesting things about suspension policy of Google and need your advice:
    1. Account Salman with Sal game suspended by impersonating Aly store in Play store and this suspension led to the account termination.
    2. Salma sold this game (Sal game) to Account Bee.
    3. Bee published Sal game and suspended by impersonating Benny store in Play store.
    4. Both Aly and Benny store still alive in Play store.
    Should Salman make appeal again because he didn't impersonate Benny?
    * Aly and Benny studio: incognito.
    * Bee is cousin of Salman in real life :)
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