admob pin verification

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I am from the Uk but live in Bulgaria I have tried twice to get my pin number to get my admob earning which is about 3000 euros .its now been about 6 weeks since i have tried a different address,
I have one more chance to get the pin number ,can any one tell me are there any other options to resolve this. 


  • You have to put your zip code, they will send you a mail, it can take a long time to arrive, like 6 weeks.
  • simply go to the Post office to check or request for a new pin, if you exhaust the pin request, you can still verify your addresss by contacting adsense/admob and presenting them a scanned copy of your drivers license or national ID, or bank statement, any form of national ID that has your address.,.. and it will be verified manually withing 24 hours
  • That is a great help do you know do I have to go through and request the pin 3 times before I can send them a bank statement 
  • before you didnt have to.. but when i tried last they said i should try the 3 times before they would accept to verify manuallly
  • Thanks  you have been a great help
  • u welcome mate
  • Did what you said I had to get a bank certificate signed by the manager i sent it to google earlier today within a hour i had it all resolved thanks again Wole8029

  • you welcome mate, ensure you play by their policy, all the best in your app business
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