Play Store account termination and Andromo ID

Hi Gang!!!

I was wondering about those that have lost their Play Store developer accounts, I believe each app we make with Andromo will carry our own unique developer ID in the build name.
Has anyone had other apps or developer accounts suspended due to google looking into this and applying the termination to other apps or accounts?

I hope this question is clear.




  • Hey Cooper,

    sorry to hear that.  If you have a PRO plan, you can edit the developer ID by adding a Custom Package Name. But if that's enough, I don't know. I guess someone from Andromo can shed more light on this.

    They usually also ban any associated accounts, but I guess they look at the credit card information, address, bank account (if you use AdMob) etc.

    I used to do apps for other people on Fiverr back in the day and some of those accounts were banned, but that didn't affect my account in any way.

    Hope this helps somewhat.
  • hi / and no you do not need to bother about the package name even if you are not a pro plan, Google play doesnt know about andromo developer ID... its not their business, they do not look into it or search for it. and last time i checked i know of some who even used same admob for their new play store account after havin a terminated one using the same admob and they had no problem. .. however i just noticed that admob can disable ads on your apps that were in the terminated play store account if they find out it was removed from the store by play store themself
  • So these days it's best to get a new AdMob account as well, right? Only a few months ago, this was not the case.
  • Hi 
    I just unable to see all my apps in google play and publishing account stopped.
    Not sure whether google checking or terminated my account.
    I was doing well with admob ads but now I not sure what to do
    Any clue for me.
  • I received from Google Play Store and Developer that my account terminated.
    I tried using new google account still the same, they do not approve my account
    Anyone here can help me
    Thank you

    make sure you dont do the same offence that got the first account terminated!
  • Lately I have received many email about buying GP Accounts - Friendly advice is don't go down this route :-)
  • hi Tamworthheat , that post is not talking about buying Google play account.. kindly read it carefully...
  • I know, just talking about my own experiences of having a flurry of emails lately offering GP accounts for sale :-)
  • Thank you all. I try out a new account with payment method. I miss making and will check copyright before using
  • ok tam you are right....@freeappzone make sure you use different pc, and follow 100% step else you suffer loss again if you miss one step.
  • Ok I will you different pc and credit card. Thank you @wole8029
  • ok great, you welcome
  • Hi, i have had a account termination too for keyword spam, the thing is, there was no keyword spamming so i feel a little put out and want to republish with different PC and bank etc. 
    freeappzone how did you get on? 
    Wole8029 said it is unimportant and I would be interested why that has been said, but the info I read elsewhere on new accounts always stresses a new package name is vital and will be screened.
    I see there is an option for one alternative package name with Andromo without a pro account,  Has anyone any advice whether changing this package name from com. to net. avoid  any problems with G.P knowing it is the same app or is a total rebuid the only option.
  • Back in the day I used to make apps for other people on Fiverr using the Andromo account that I still own. A lot of those apps got banned (I didn't even know what affiliate links are or that people were ordering apps which were in violation of GP's policies etc.), but my acc's are still fine.

    But this would be interesting to know so I hope someone from Andromo chimes in what to do in this situation. Is it necessary to order a new Andromo acc or just change the package name. @darryl, could you please shed some light on this? Thanks.
  • i agree with hendrixs, you do not have any problem, using ur same adromo account, undertsand that we are dealing with a robot and a human,.. so the robot will not be smart enough to trace that to you and its not programed that way.. every andromo app comes with similar package name, so they  robot cant link it else it would ban all andromo apps, the robot doesnt know about andromo ids on the package name...
  • I just wonder if the original APK package name (like com.andromo.dev123456.app123456) stays written somewhere in the code, even if you change the package name yourself to something else. If the "original" package name stays, tracing down the same publisher would not be a problem.
  • @hendrixs
    If you change the package name in Andromo (to .net or something else in professional), that's the one that's used (written) in the app. There is no reference to the other (or original) to answer what you were asking.

    As far as I know, changing the package name is all that is needed. A totally different one may be better than just the .net, but based on what others have experienced, I don't think it matters. We don't have any additional information on the topic other than what others have experienced.
  • @darryl: That's useful to know, thank you, much appreciated.
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    Generally speaking an app's creator could be identified by its package name, its contents, and the signing certificate that was used when it was built. We know that Google Play uses the package name to uniquely identify apps in the store, and they use the signing certificate to verify that future versions of an app come from the same "person" who was authorized to build the original app. (In this case, that "person" is the Andromo build tool.)

    All Andromo apps are signed with the same certificate; that doesn't change when you create a new Andromo account. This may change in the future if Google ever starts using the signing certificate to flag apps, but to this date we have not seen any evidence of that. So the package name, and the content (including ad network IDs, your developer name, etc.), is really all that can be used to identify one Andromo user's app from another.

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    Very useful info thanks all
    I will be attempting a new upload at some point with the change in the future so will update you on any success or failure. 
  • Is there a reason the developers ID is included in the package name?
  • Yes, it helps prevent two Andromo developers from ever having the same package name, and makes it easier for us to recognize the author of an app.

    A Professional subscription allows you to use custom package names, so if you would like something more unique that is an option for you.
  • Here are some suggestions how to correctly set the package name, if you decide to make it custom:
  • Uploaded under new acc with some having a package name change from .com to .net, some rebuilt well into week 2 with no issues.
    Still crossing fingers.
  • @mattbean: Good to hear! Please keep us updated. I've read that Google uses statistical analysis for everything, so the less you seem to be connected with your old identity, the better the chances of keeping your new account up and running.
  • If anyone was thinking it would be wise to ask GP about compliance of an app, prior to publishing, see chatlog with support below lol!

    support guy
    5:49 PM
    Hi Matt, thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support! 

    Please give me a moment while I review your issue.

    We understand your concern about Google Play policy. Unfortunately, we can't comment on content policy or Google Play terms of service. 

    If you need more information about Google Play policy, check out our new Google Play Apps Policy Center at

    Did you have any other questions for me today?

    5:50 PM
    Yes, why is there absolutely no available guidance on this, apart from the TOS which can be interpreted in many ways.

    5:51 PM
    First thing that a developer will know is a suspended set of apps then account termination, it cannot be right?

    support guy
    5:51 PM
    I apologize, but Google does not provide legal guidance or policy advice.

    Did you have any other questions about the developer console I can help with?

    5:52 PM
    GP does not provide advice on their OWN policies, right, ok I guess no more questions then. thanks

    support guy
    5:52 PM
    You're welcome. Have a great day, Matt.

    Google Support
    5:52 PM
    Thanks for chatting with Google Play Developer Support today! Your chat session is now complete
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