Google Play account rejected ... Help!

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My account terminated maybe because of some pictures I copy from Google images.
After that I created many new Gmail account to sign up still rejected.
Tried using new pc still same.
Anyone can help me ... I miss Android App creation


  • You need to create a new account from another PC and pay with another credit card $25 dlls to your new account, preferably using other data or change something in your name

    Might be banned from admob, the lack is indicated in the mail, you can paste?
  • I tried new pc , New name and different credit card still ban.
    Maybe both my pc having same IP address because it is in my house.
    Your advice @mastermx
  • Two months ago I was banned, I made a new account in a cybercafe and now add apps without problems
  • @mastermx: did you use a prepaid CC or a "real" CC from someone you know? Are you accessing the new account from your "old" computer, using the same IP? What about AdMob, does it still work for you?

  • Hello! @hendrixs
    1. My Debit Card (different from that used previously)
    2. Format PC and other IP (provider) old account on mobile, new account on work network.
    3. Old Admob active (Yesterday I received the August payment).
    According to the failure on Google Play i think they can ban or not in Admob.

  • Thanks for sharing this info, @mastermx. I'm happy to hear your new acc works great!
  • @freeappzone,

    1. did you submit the same apps, apks, that was already in the old account or did you build fresh ones

    2. if you built new ones, did you build the exactly the same apps 100%

    3. what was the ban, was it for new offences or for related to the old account?
  • You should use another Ip, use your mobile data to sign in in the new developer account.

    Don´t use your home IP.
  • Hi @wole8029

    After few months of trying with new pc and different mobile internet still got ban
    Is it wise to use a different person credit card and new pc to get my apps running again

  • Did you use the same credit card?
    And did you upload the same apps, with same package name and name?
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    @freeappzone: Try buying a cheap VPS (get a host in your country), install a OS on it, and access it remotely. This is exactly like having a second computer at your friends place and you'd be accessing it via Remote Desktop. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never ever test your apps on your phone/tablet that was used before. Buy a cheap tablet that has only 3G connection and test your apps there.
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