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I have a HTML Archive activity with "Open links in external browser" checked and I've also added the "_blank" option in the HTML itself.

When I tap the images/links, a new browser window opens, but it's the default browser from Android. Would it be possible to give the user a browser choice pop-up somehow? I'm sure that many people don't store their usernames/passwords in the default browser, so if I link to a specific app on GP, they need to enter their credentials first, which I think will lower conversion rate.



  • The pop-up I have in mind is "Complete Action Using" which presents Google Play or various browsers.
  • hi hendrix, i think i can help solve this, if i understand what you mean, you want to link to an app on google play without using the google play activity. so that when people click they it goes outside the app. the best method in this practise is to use the "market url" so that when they click on the link, it calls google play and goes straight to the google play app and not any web browser on the device. so that they just tap install and thats cool...

    so instead of  this web browser url  =

    you enter the link like this, (choose other in the link option) =  market://details?id=com.whatsapp

    SO you can get more install rate and it will be easier for users to install it directly from the play store on their device.
  • Hi @wole8029, that did the trick, thank you very much! :)
  •  u welcome hendrixs , glad to hear that!
  • Very helpful tip @wole8029. :)
  • This type of seamless linking improved my download rates (for promoted apps) between 100% and 200%! This only shows how important seamless experience is. Thanks again, @wole8029.
  • thanks u welcome.. glad to hear you getting results
  • Hi, people.
    I have the problem indicated by Hendrix but for a standard link. In some old smartphones the standard android browser is obsolete and some pages doesn't work properly. I want the possibility to choose that a link in our andromo app can be opened in chrome, for example.

    Can you help me?
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