Any feedback on the new ad networks by now?

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I guess most of us have used a couple of the new ad networks Andromo added.
I personally tried LeadBolt and StartApp but both with small success, but my running downloads are too few to have a distinct evaluation result.
Can you share some examples of revenue from the new networks? I am particularly interested in checking out AppLovin.


  • I didn't test anything yet, but @sylviathewitch did some good tests in the past. I hope she's still here and maybe she's got some valuable info to share. :)
  • Hi Hendrixs and all,
    have had so many other projects and private stuff going on in the past couple of month, I havent had any time for reading or posting in the forum.

    Anyway I am here and alive :-)

    So far I havent tested anything of the new ad-networks and I am not really sure, if I will (admob is working really good for me).

    I only use startapp for some apps not made through andromo and they do ok (but below admob).

    I was trying to use startapp for andromo apps submitted to Samsung with target market China (since we cannot use admob supported apps for China - on Samsung - anymore), but they all got declined for some technical reason. I still need to check into this ....

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    OK so it is more like what I had thought too, unless we get problems with Admob it isn't really worth to try other networks.
  • Thanks for the input, @sylviathewitch.

    @anteos, sure, it's nice to know we have some high-quality alternatives available. I too am sticking to AdMob only for now, but I'll experiment with other ad networks in my next app.
  • Results after a two week period of trying startapp:

    I tested 3 new apps and had both admob and startapp - banner and interstitial - enabled

    2,490 impressions eCPM $0.16 makes a "whooping" income of $0.41

    2450 impressions Request RPM €3.23 Income €8.17

    This was simply another "Tapgage-Dejavu" ...
  • Thanks for sharing this valuable info. A friend of mine also tested StartApp and while some days were crazy high, other were crazy low. All in all, it's not as nearly as profitable as AdMob. He tested it in low impression apps, so maybe that could contribute somewhat to this result, but yeah, it's not as expected. :-/ Also, some people on forums report that StartApp's eCPM is on all time low.
  • I have apps with StartApp ads only for out of GP markets which generate 0.00 even though they do produce enough impressions. Seems like StartApp only pays when a user downloads and installs and advertised app, which in my opinion is not that good for Andromo apps.
    I am currently interested in ad networks which follow admob's pay per impression/pay per click. Any ideas?

  • @Anteos: Amazon is getting better and better. Did you try it recently?
  • @hendrixs

    Sorry for the delayed reply.
    I had actually updated my apps and removed the amazon ads months ago from all android stores except Amazon. I cannot say that I was not satisfied with Amazon. It sure performs way better than StartApp.
    Now that I come to think about it, I don't even know why I had not used Amazon ads for the apps that I do not want to upload in GP...

    Thanks for the suggestion... maybe combining StartApp and Amazon is the smartest idea.
  • @anteos: StartApp is a bit erratic, but Amazon is very consistent and a great alternative to AdMob.
  • amazon fill rate at 10% shocking
  • Guys has anyone tried Applovin?
  • Amazon's fill rate is always around 50% for me. I dropped them a long time ago because Admob does terrific for me. However, there are apparently still some older versions out there because I still see activity in my Amazon account (but not enough to get paid).

    I have been testing Mobilecore for the last few days, and am far from impressed so far. I have 176 impression, 26 clicks, and they say I've earned a whopping 19 cents so far. I'll probably continue to just stick with Admob.
  • @anteos: I didn't, but people on the MMWA forum say that it's more or less "dead". I hope that's not the case.
  • @hendrixs
    Yup I have seen them too. Even more scared to see someone report he got banned from GP due to applovin years ago. But I guess you can never fully trust what users say in the forums.

    Just waiting for airpush here. Really really need a cpm banner and interstitial
  • It seems that there are very big fluctuations across every ad network except AdMob. Too bad.
  • I tested StartApp, MobileCore, Amazon with very little success. Amazon fill rate is almost ridiculous outside USA & UK & even within not good. Still waiting for Airpush (CPM) as both StartApp & Mobilecore and others too are CPI.
  • @mataan
    Agreed except MobileCore which is good for me. Amazon actually is not that bad either but the geo is extremely limited.
    Airpush is CPM, this is why we are all after it I guess.
  • Applovin and Amazon are currently doing a promotion together, so apparently Applovin is still alive and well. Has anyone had good results with them?
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    I have not tried them yet. Main reason is that I have not seen them online in MMWA forums (which means they do not have enough staff or not willing to promote and support through there). Moreover, the few feedback from users that I did see there is not good. They do compliment the looks of the ads but complain about revenue.


    I wonder if you have some internal results of your testings in your own apps with various ad networks, like for example before implementing a new one in public Andromo build. If you do, could you create a post, maybe updated monthly, with what the trends look like for the ad networks that you do have available in Andromo?

    I am sure you got a way bigger userbase than any single Andromo publisher. Perhaps we could chip in when we got enough stats too. Would help us decide which network to implement in our apps based on what other users (and you) report.
  • Anyone with revenue reports from Applovin?
    The delay of Airpush is making me more and more agitated to start using a new ad network...
  • I just gave Applovin a try for a week or so. I got the same results that I got with MobileCore - lots of impressions, a handful of clicks, and no revenue.

    I'm just going to stick with Admob. It's the only one that actually works for me.
  • @tholyoak

    Thanks. Seems like I will let it pass.
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    Thanks for the share, @tholyoak. I didn't test other ad networks yet, but when talking to new publishers, they too have catastrophic eCPM's when starting out with AdMob. Could it be that once you're a few months with a certain ad network that the eCPM's start to improve?

    I know a guy from Russia who swears by MobileCore. Go figure.

    EDIT: I've just talked to him and we have very comparable eCPM's (AdMob vs MC).
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