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I've been a paid member for almost 8 months now and the product hasn't matured much.  There are a half a dozen features missing from Andromo that your competition all have.

I realize that Andromo is considerably cheaper than most of the competition - but some simple things like multiple pages still hasn't come.

I'd love the ability to use my own package names - but I'm not sure it's worth it at this point.  I like the product, but it isn't growing with my needs :(

I hope the product progresses before my renewal in March.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for the feedback. What are the other features that you feel are missing, besides 'sub pages/categories'?

  • I'd have to go back to some of your competition ... but more social media and Google app activities were a big thing.  Social Walls.  Google Calendar.  Clean Facebook/G+/Twitter enhanced activities.

    Those were the big things.
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    I have been a member for seven months and can't see anything has changed.
    No new templates, menu styles or features.
    I have built a few apps but not bothered to publish as they look so basic
    and not all like "real" Android apps.
    Andromo is just a platform for displaying ads in free apps not for building creative apps.
    That's OK if you just want to show ads.
    I also hope some new features are released before my membership runs out.
  • I already own an Andromo yearly account under a different username, but now I am considering upgrading this account (used for a different business) to the PRO Account. I like everyone else am concerned about the road map, I wish Andromo could release a little more detail on what they plan to add in the upcoming months.

    I am a member of Andromo's biggest competitor as well, you know the one that does iOS & Android. I don't use them a whole lot either, instead I use IDEs for my coding, still I would love Andromo to tell us something sooner than laster.

    I love to see options such as being able to hide the menu bar if needed, in app purchases (this can be PRO only I don't mind ;) )  

    Also a real in app PDF reader, others like myself in the past have expressed using external PDF is not ideal, one I can not put ads in the books, other claim the PDF is copied locally and therefore poses a theft risk.

    I seen Chinese companies make PDF readers for Android so I know it's possible. Heck even if Andromo made its own format or used Epub I would be fine with converting my PDFs to epub or if they supplied a converter for their own format I would be good with that as well.

    People are complaining about the cookie cutter look, well not but so much you can do with a dash board, do some html and use it for your menus (if I could hide that darn menu bar)

    I think making a way to password protect activities would be awesome as well.

  • I'm quite happy with Andromo at it's current state, but a feature wall with the possibility to up-vote ideas would be great.
  • Yeah some kind of communication from Andromo would be great... I was a sucker and purchased their PRO membership deal ;)
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