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Things have been real silent around here for a while. Last update was extra ad networks, which I always appreciate. I think that was close to 3 months ago.

Can you Andromo guys give us some sort of teaser on what direction Andromo is heading in, ie extra functions etc. I have 2 Andromo accounts personal and Pro and not sure right now if I want to keep both because I do not use Andromo enough I suppose, but if there were some awesome new features that would help me decide on this to developed for business and personally. And I am sure there are many others interested in hearing more as well.



  • Hi Stray!

    Well, what we've been working on the past 2 months is a complete overhaul of Andromo's app design. Specifically, we're working on implementing Material design and the overall look and feel of apps generated by Andromo. It's a huge task... However, in the end, it will be a big step forward in that your apps will look much more 'cutting edge', just by clicking 'Build' again.

    So, that's what's going on around here. How about you? What sort of apps are you working on? Any other suggestions for us?
  • Great to hear things are being improved. Personally I been using Unity for games currently, but I'm always watching Andromo waiting for more features.

    As far as what I want added, I want a button than when clicked causes the phone to spit out endless amounts of money, when do you think you can get that added by?

  • I would love to see 'LEADBOLT Interstitial Ads' added to upcoming version of Andromo. Leadbolt works unlike Amazon ads which has the lowest Impressions of all. I would put Leadbolt No.2 after Google's Admob.
  • > As far as what I want added, I want a button than when clicked causes the phone to spit out endless amounts of money, when do you think you can get that added by?

    Ohhhh! The money button feature. We were going to add that a while ago, but didn't think anyone would use it. I'll give that a bump.
  • Do you have any kind of new activities in a future to-do list?
    I kinda like the idea of coupons activity and maybe some IAP implementation, though I must admit I am not sure how I could possibly put a use to either.

    I think you had new ad network(s) in plans - any news about it?
  • @anteos - We're working on adding AirPush right now, but are waiting on the release of their latest SDK. It should be available in the next week or so I'm told.
  • @colinadams

    Thank you for your reply. When the SDK is available you would implement it fast? Sorry to be a nuisance, but I need to replace Admob with another banner on CPM basis and need to decide if I have to wait for Airpush or simply switch to StartApp or something.
  • @colinadams: It's great to hear about all these upcoming updates! :)

    About suggestions:
    - Enable/disable activities (if we don't want something included in Samsung version, for example, we could just disable that activity instead of deleting it).
    - Timer for the audio activity (my users are asking for this constantly).
    - Amazon Mobile Associates SDK - it would be great if we could sell products from Amazon in our niche apps. A friend of mine is using it with great success and here's a very cool case study published by Amazon:

    Thanks for all your awesomeness!!! =)
  • Any chance we could get a new mediation platform with a future update?

  • First of all I am very happy with my experience with Andromo (subscriber since 06/27/2012). I don't write here very often but I am going to try to write more...

    This post represents great news to me because I always like new updates.
    I have a few suggestions of new features that could improve my apps:
    - add the possibility to have interstitial ads when the user is closing the app. I don't select the option "Require several interactions before showing an interstitial ad" because my revenues decreased with that.. I think that we should think about new ways to show ads and improve user experience + cpc of the ads. For example: when the user refreshes the activity or something inside the app we could show an ad...
    - add the possibility to remove ads from podcasts.
    - some users with recent android versions have reported me some problems with my apps (not working) - please check this with the new version.
    - Think of of the possibility of adding "in app" purchase options (it depends if you decide or not going that way...)
    - I noticed that in the website activity you use similar configurations from the internal browser. Some times it is not as good as chrome.. Some sites give some errors and wrong configurations.
    - Maybe you could try to think about integration with android tvs, cars and clocks :)

    Congrats for the great work!
  • I almost let my yearly subscription expire, but I'm really hoping for big things this year.

    There are some very basic things still missing that many of us have been complaining about (for almost the entire last year). Things like multiple pages of activities.  More social activities.  More Google Services integration.  Heck, just the ability to remove the DOWNLOAD button out of my podcast stream would almost be worth my $100 at this point.

    Yes, would love to have the ability to do IAP - so I can release my podcast app with x free shows and .99 for additional shows.

    About 3 months ago, I hit all the major app tools out there.  While Andromo is considerably cheaper than all of them - Andromo is also considerable behind in features.

    Don't let my $100 this year go to waste, guys.  Throw us a bone!
  • Is there any update on activities (not another advertising..mob..push..whatever stuff but, something real innovative? a cam-activity to create an in-App qr-scanner, an nfc port for example  might be a (moderated) wall-chat to allow direct user-interaction. Isn't it time to focus on quality rather then advertising-networks? 
    Sorry, but I am subscriber since 2012 and there was just one major update. I really hope for improved and extended functionality and more design-options! 
  • I even hope for improved functionality. we are still waiting very long for.

    - duplicate app,
    - submenu
    - photo gallerie with some customizing options e.g. long description, own URL for
      each image

    - customizing option to hide an activity

    - increase number of characters in the Custom Page – activity

    - option to include a search button ....

  • My top priority suggestion:
    Auto notification to user if new content is available in RSS feed.
    I cannot rely on airbop to send notifications manually about new content.
    Other app making websites have this feature specially . So I am waiting for andromo to implement this feature soon.

  • Any news on Airpush? At least is their new SDK out by now?
  • Bumping this for the same question... is Airpush integration near?
  • Unfortunately, they are still working on their new SDK. It's not available yet and keeps getting pushed back. I'm going to see if we can release with their old sdk... If not, we're going to be doing a new update shortly anyways as there are quite a few bug fixes and some interesting features back logged because of this.
  • @colinadams

    OK thanks much for the update!
  • What I saw in MMWA forums from Nick Davies of Airpush is that they created a new SDK without EULA. Could you please tell us if you plan to integrate EULA sdk or NON-EULA?
  • I would like to see bluetooth controls added to the podcast and radio activities.

    Also a podcast activity that gives a list of already downloaded episodes from other podcast activities in the app.

    These are the two big requests (other than search) that I've received from users of my podcast apps.
  • Reviving this thread.
    May I ask what things you are working with under the hood lately?

    The file-tree structure, the material design, the little interstitials corrections and the AirPush implementation. What's your priority and how close to release are you with these?

    I feel like most users who check the forums are not active anymore because we are all waiting for something...
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    @anteos: currently I'm changing how the interstitials are shown, making it so they can be preloaded whenever possible and changing the times when they will actually appear. Darryl's been working with AirPush to get things sorted out with the new ad types. The tree structure capabilities (a.k.a. subcategories) are already implemented within the java code but they need to be implemented in the web interface, and Colin wants to wait for the theme changes to be further along before he commits to the web changes. (There will be huge changes to the way apps are themed in the future.) Once I'm done with the interstitials I'll be returning to the material design and theming overhaul, which is a very big task. I'm looking forward to trying it out a new library announced at Google I/O last week which should help with a few parts of that.
  • Let the good time roll! Thanks for the update, @lorne.
  • Wonderful! Thanks much @lorne
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