Youtube activity and advertising.

I noticed that if you use the YouTube activity and advertising, that ads pop up in YouTube. This is a Google Play violation because you cant have ads pop up in YouTube that are not theirs. I had a violation because I was using the web activity for youtube and had ads turned on. I had to turn them off to make them compliant. Youtube videos play better with the youtube activity but it could cause you to lose your GP account. We need away to turn off advertising in the youtube activity like in the web activity.


  • Andromo's YouTube activity passes the ayouTube video directly to the YouTube app. It's not possible for it to show adds in that app...
  • when I used it before publishing it the banner ads and the interstitial adds were popping in over the youtube page.
  • I see how it works. The titles are loaded into a browser windows and the ads are there. When you click on the video to play it then the YouTube player loads and no ads there. Hopefully this is GP compliant.
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