Exciting Changes Coming to Andromo

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    Wow.. Charge more for the same missing features... Great way to treat your customers. I appreciate the fact that you guys want to change your pricing model but how about actually releasing some USEFUL features that you have been PROMOSING  since I became a PAYING customer before you do it (that your competiton already has). Otherwise, don't expect a renewal when my year is up.

    Mike Chilson

  • I paid the $200 only a 2 months ago and if i understand this correctly i will have to pay some undesclosed fee as of yet to get the NEW features. I like the new policy but not if i have to pay again.
  • If you've already paid for gold you don't have to pay anything else, you'll automatically get the full year's subscription -- and now you have "gold" for all of your projects, and you get 100% of the ads (no more 50-50 split).

    @mchilson: what features are you referring to?
  • Ok. The announcement didnt convay that clearly
  • thats good but pls kinldy give us a tentative date when this starts because now its better that $200 per app
  • The change will take effect sometime between June 21 and June 26. (This was mentioned in Colin's blog post.)
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    Ok so have I got this right...
    If I was to make only 2 changes a year to my app and paid $25 in say July and another $25 in Novemeber and cancelled it for the months inbetween. Would I then loose the full 100% ads showing for the months that I wasn't in the Gold package programme?
  • @ilect - We date for the switchover is likely June 26.

    @zaineart - Nope. Once you build an app, it's yours - even if you cancel your subscription. Your app will continue to work just like it did. An active subscription simply lets you 'build'.
  • Okay, then this seems like it is a very good model and with the $25 per month it is fab if you only make changes 4 times a year.  And if within the month that you do pay $25 you make another app and that is included (once the apk is built) then I think the new model is quite brilliant and very fair.

    I understand the miss-givings from anyone who doesn't make any money from ads as yet to cover a one off $25 cost for a months build, but with 100% of the ad revenue and the option to make as many apps as you like within the month that you have paid the $25, it shouldn't be too long before you get your money back.

    Can't wait to see what the special rate will be, I hope you make it really good so I can take advantage of it.
  • Hey Andromo team,

    We can't wait for the changes to happen, sounds great !!
    the 26th seems so far from now....

    Jey from Nous Creativegroup
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    Hey Folks,

    Lots of work done this week - and will continue through the weekend. No rest here until it's done!

    We should be good to launch the new Andromo on Monday!

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. We're really just trying to make Andromo as awesome as we can - and we do appreciate the support. So, thanks!

  • OK , I'm a bit pissed that I can only pay via Pay Pal. Why don't you have any normal Visa/Mastercard checkouts.  Paypal is making me wait 3 business days to verify my card and then I've got to go and get statement and put numbers in, just so I can add funds to account and use my card to pay you, I want to build an apk today not wait a week.
  • This verification is only once and since you know it already, it seems you did it successfully, ... so you are set to use it.
  • It's all good I found a work-around (used my hubby's account instead). Paid on a monthy sub now.
  • Nice surprise, ... to pay for one month 25 or for 12 months 50, ... Gone with 50, ... DONE! Thanks!
  • Whaaat???? I never got that email. It's not in my spam either. And I already paid The $25. Oh damn. I want the $50 for a year. Can anyone @Andromo help me?
  • This is a good deal. Thanks andromo. Of all the features i like the ability to change the package internal name soon. Im still patiently waiting for a choice if different dashboard layouts..

    Great work..
  • @zaineart -- you should have seen the special discount on the subscription page, unless you were logged in to Andromo with a new email address? The discount is being offered to users based on the sign-up date...I believe anyone who signed up before today should automatically see that as their yearly subscription rate. I'd suggest submitting a support ticket so we can discuss the details privately and we'll investigate it for you.

    @linuxnut79 -- I'm stoked about the specs we came up with for the dashboard layouts! I don't know when we're going to start work on that -- it's a bigger project so I could see us wanting to do some smaller things first, and there are some other things that are high on our priority list as well -- but I personally can't wait, it's going to be awesome. You'll have way more control and it'll be easier to use at the same time.
  • I was a bit aprehensive about the changes, but I have just logged in & am very pleased to see my new subscription.  I look forward to trying out the new features.

  • Hi I got the email, but it was 12 hours too late, it arrived about 9 minutes ago.  I have submitted a support thing (At least I hope I have, I just entered information into what looks like another forum, but made it private). Hope that's ok.
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