New Google Play App Submission Process



  • Still that sucks. I just research market and there is many many many radio apps all with logos and names and probably stream links and all are alive and some of apps are over two years old. Damn Google.
  • @funbee

    Trust me, I share your frustration. My apps were on for 1.5yrs before they got banned.
  • As I understand, Google ban yours apps and after 5-6 apps they ban whole account?
  • Nope. One app got banned a yr ago. Second was banned 6 months ago and when the third ban came, the account went with it.
  • Were your apps banned after you submitted a new app/update, or out of no where?
  • 1 out of nowhere, 1 after an update, 1 right after initial upload.
  • I have one account with live wallpapers with 7 banned apps and account is still alive, have 13 more live wallpapers on it. All 7 got copyright strike. So that banning thing is very strange shit.
  • There shouldn't be copyright issues with a publicly available radio stream. It's not any different than accessing it through a browser, Winamp, or some other app.
  • edited June 2015
    I had an app that opened a public government website in the browser activity and it was banned. They said something to the effect of impersonating someone. the description did not say I was the government. It was just an app that made viewing the website easy. It was actually pretty popular. Google makes up the rules as they go and you can't argue with a robot.
  • @tholyoak

    I am not so sure on that. After all we use the stream for commercial purposes. We make money out of the stream, even if it is indirectly.
  • Hi anteos ,
    It's not easy after getting banned

    I was doing well creating app and making an income until GP banned my account because of some images copyright issues.
    After that I struggle nearly a year now to get another account approved with a new laptop, New account name and even ISP.
    Until recently I went over to my in law house., used their ISP , their credit card, their laptop then GP approved my new developer account.
    Going to start all over again with a new andromo account.
    My one question is can I use my new laptop with my in law ISP in their house or need to use my in law laptop
  • Guys , you CANNOT rely your Business on Google.

    Protect at all costs your developer accounts at Samsung, Amazon and Opera. You can still can make money with them and you can definitely communicate with them.
  • yeah i heard it too about this process but.....

    I started publishing apps nearly 3 weeks ago but 3 days ago i got an email about account termination :((

    i lost access to my 51 apps and GP console :((

    what should i do to re activate it :((
  • What did you do that got you terminated?
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