New Google Play App Submission Process

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Hi guys,

I found some good news but I kinda want to confirm it with people here.
Seems like people over at makingmoneywithandroid report that since yesterday the process of GP app submission has changed.

From now on, when we submit an app in GP, it will undergo a pending submission during which they will be checking the app for copyright, ads or other problems.
 If there are no problems, the app will be online. If there are problems, GP will report the actual problem and ask for another apk or more info from the developer.

As you understand, this essentially means that GP will not suspend apps anymore (and possibly no accounts either?) because the apps will not be accepted at all if they have copyright infringement, improper ads types or other violations.

Could you elaborate if this is really the case now? I have no available apps to upload at the moment and cannot verify it yet.


  • I wasn't on the MMWA forum for a while, but this sounds really good! If it's true, we'll be finally able to start treating app business as a serious business, without the option of getting shut down and losing everything overnight.
  • Well Anteos's comment is probably correct.

    I submitted an app for publishing at 7:00 AM and saw a status on the GP console page that I had never seen before:  Submission Pending ( or something like that).   Then 1 hour later, received an email saying that app had been rejected due to violation of intellectual property & impersonation ..... 

    All of the icons / screenshots are original material ( done by my graphics person from scratch) - so I can only assume that GP objected to some of the news feeds inside the app.  I have done like 60 apps of this kind, so I can only guess that new rules are in force /  and also, that the bots are actually 'looking' into your app content during the approval process - wow !

    Not sure what my next steps will be - but I guess that the I won't be building any more of these types of apps.  Bummer.
  • just got an app rejected from the same reasons.. violation of intellectual property & impersonation etc.
    which is rubbish since there are 1000s of news feeds apps on GP....
  • I thought it would be an interesting change because we would not be getting banned apps and/or accounts, but I had not considered the fact that probably many apps will not be even accepted.

    For all I know so far, trying to stay tuned on people's comments over at MMWA, seems like this system isnot active in many accounts - a guy reported he had a suspended app with no pending status or anything.
  • Is that true that after a certain number of rejected apps they kick you out? Because I am trying again changing the pics (not clear if the VIP copyright issues were with images or rss feeds or else). 
  • My friend, who programs his apps himself, also had an app rejected because of "violation of intellectual property", but the message is so vague, that you can't possible know what's the reason.
  • Is this only on new app submissions? What about submitting new versions of an app already published? 
  • It is also applicable in app updates, I verified that now they go through a pending submission.
  • @Anteos: Do most of your apps go through the submission process without any issues?
  • Yup, at least 6 went through without problems. But that one which did not - honestly it is very annoying. GP Developer dashboard got this alert on a rejected app update which is still there even if I totally unpublished the app.Any kind of change in the app, even if unpublished, triggers a recheck so I was notified a second time that my "update" was rejected. (As if it was not unpublished already).
  • Cool, happy to hear that things went well for the most part! :) I hope that they fix those issues with unpublished apps, tho.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water!
    Well yesterday I submitted an app through the new process. it was accepted no problem, Not 24 hrs later I have recieved the dreaded removals/ policy strike notice and it has been removed and I am one step closeer to a ban. This time for linking to external download content apparently. Im not whining Its my fault for not reading TOS well enough but what does this mean?
    It means that the new submission process does not change things at all, maybe if they spot a breach of TOS on the way in it may stop you getting a policy strike but in my case they decided this after the event of submission so just that same as before, a mistake will lead to a banned account.
  • @mattbean

    Sorry for this. I think some violations are either "found" after the initial test or they simply do not really check the submitted apps.

    At the moment I am on 1 strike but I am getting worried. Maybe we should create a sub-thread discussing secondary GP developer accounts and how to keep the risk as low as possible. I am thinking to buy one :(
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    @anteos: I think there is no need to create a "backup" account as long your account(s) are fine. If the worst should happen, this is a surefire way to get back on GP:

    1) Use some else's credit card to register a new GP account on their name
    2) Get a new mobile internet connection (new IP) or buy a nettop and place it to a family members house. They can switch it on for you whenever you'd need to access your GP account via remote desktop (TeamViewer). If you buy mobile internet, install VirtualBox on your computer and Linux and use that to access your new GP account.
    3) Get a new AdMob/mC/whatever ad account and use the new ID only.
    4) Never, ever test your apps on any of the mobile devices you've used before. Get a new one.

    It really sucks that GP does this to us, but what can you do. Let's just try to comply with GP polices to the best of our knowledge and hope that things will be fine! :)
  • @hendrixs

    Yup, I am aware of those methods but it is excellent that you posted them here as well. The fact that we need other devices (new IP-pc-Android device) is the hard part.
  • @anteos: True, it requires an initial investment, but with good apps, everyone can get back on track in a few months.
  • Anteos, to hit on an old thread but I think I am right in saying you will only need new devices, PC if you are developing apps from particular software. Your IP is the tricky part but mine and many ISP's use dynamic IP's now which change on each restart of the modem, ask your ISP if you already have one and if not you can request a dynamic IP. I have had my second GP account running smoothly for over 6 months after uploading my original andromo apps (using the alternate package name option)
  • @hendrixs
    Thats good to know!

    I actually got a secondary GP acct now, on new laptop, new name, new CC, and new ISP ( "borrowed" net if you know what I mean).

    However, I havent uploaded something yet. I plan to use other apps there, but for those Andromo ones, do you think I should use the alternate package name? The apps for the secondary account are not on the current one... do you think we should really use the alternate?
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    @anteos: That's great, remember also to test your apps on Genymotion or other mobile devices, not on your primary device.

    If you have the pro subscription, then you can rename the package names, and that's what I will do. If you have the basic package, you can only change your app's package name from com. to net., but your developer ID will remain the same. Also, if you want to create apps for the secondary account with your current Andromo subscription, your Developer name will also stay the same.

    The best thing in my opinion is to get a new Andromo PRO account for your new GP account. I think it's 250 USD per year, but with a little luck, you can make 100x times that. :) Android apps are still and will remain a very profitable business for quite some time.
  • @hendrixs

    Thanks for the idea. I will have to think on it, got many things lately in my mind (including a check on Windows app making)
  • @anteos: According to a few people I know who are on the Windows Phone marketplace, it's not exactly a big money maker. But everything could change once Windows 10 is out.
  • @hendrixs

    As if I had actually suspected it coming soon - I got my GP account suspended yesterday.
    Back to the subject, yesterday I took a look at App Studio. The features are limited, but you can surely make apps for Windows platform. I even tried my app (which I made in 10mins because I more like replicated an Andromo RSS news app I had) on my new 8.1 laptop and it worked nicely.

    The problems are two as far as I know from my latest research. One is, Pubcenter got low fills and it might not be easy to find another good ad network. Second, the number of Windows devices is still low.
    However, there are two bonuses as well: the market is shouting for more apps and there is good potential for the ads if you got a good ad network, plus 10 will be in majority of PCs and laptops in a couple of years. Why not jump in early?
  • @anteos

    Sorry to hear that. :-( What was the reason, if you don't mind sharing?

    Good find, I never heard about Microsoft's App Studio before. I'll give it a try - and yes, it's always good to be early in whatever has big potential. :) Maybe Andromo will be able to build apps for Windows platform as well, just as it can build apps for Amazon and Samsung - let's wait and see.

    I hope you get back on GP soon and start making serious money again!
  • @hendrixs

    The account got the 3rd strike, my latest radio app got suspended at once after I submitted it. To my knowledge, there was no IP infringement...but of course, even accessing a streaming link that does not belong to you is not allowed.
    So, IP infringement three times and the account got banned for Multiple Violations.

    As far as the Windows thing is concerned, it could be added to Andromo and it would expand this platform nicely. Let's see how it goes!

    Thank you  for your comments and wishes, I wish you great success too!
  • @anteos: Thanks for sharing the reason and for the kind wishes. I too am starting with a new account (backup) and I'm eager to see how fast will I be able to make it profitable. My first goal is 50 USD/day.
  • @anteos Was the upload that lead to your 3rd strike an update or the submission of a completely new radio app?

  • @lovedislike
    A completely new app.
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    Thanks for the quick response.
  • But Anteos, there is thousand radio apps on market, why they ban yours?
  • @funbee

    As they say, what they do with other apps does not affect what they do and why they ban mine.
    Of course, radio apps are easy to infringe copyright. Stations name and logos, the stream itself and the possible background images, all of these need copyright permission from owners.
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