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My AdMob ads don't show but if put someone elses ads they do

edited June 2015 in General Discussion
Hello, I have an issue.

I paid an app developer to develop app for me, app is almost finished but the problem is that my admob ads are not showing. I have tried creating new ones and even HouseAds but they never show up and I don't get any impressions. It might be relevant that I created my admob account couple days ago but at the same time have had adsense account for 6 years and been getting paid from it every month. The thing is he created ads through his admob account and his ads work, but mine don't. I can't find the problem, does anyone have any idea what the issue might be? I would be really grateful because this has been very confusing.



  • Try contacting AdMob with your issue, I think they are your best bet.
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