Any similar platform like andromo but for IOS ?

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Is there any place that would allow us to create apps just like andromo does  but apps for Iphone and Ipad. 
I mean, IOS apps, not Android apps.
I googled many but I would like a platform that is easy just like andromo :)

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  • I don't think you're going to find anything else that's as good as Andromo on the Apple/iOS side of things. While there are a bunch of iOS app makers out there (and of course other Android app makers), Andromo is pretty unique in that it generates *real* native code apps. While some sites sling the word "native" around a lot, if you're just using some fancy HTML, then you've got an HTML app. Like anything cross-platform, it simply doesn't have the same performance and even more importantly, the same feel as a real custom-coded app designed for a single operating system...
  • Yes,  you are right Colinadams, there is no app creator for IOS as good as andromo. But I also would like to know any app creator that is close to andromo. specially something that has similar Image gallery activities options, that allows using admob and if possible something that allows pushup notifications too (this is not a must)...

    Thank you
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