StartApp SDK Needs Updating ASAP

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I just got an email from StartApp saying that they noticed that I was using an old version of their SDK and I needed to update it in order to keep my account open. I just built my apps 2 days ago using Andromo so can someone here please update the SDK for us?

Here is their email:

HI Robert,

Thank you for your patience.

Our compliance team reviewed your account and decided to open it.

We noticed that you are using an old version of our SDK.

Please make sure to update the SDK of all your apps to the newest version in order for your account to stay alive.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me back.


Roy Zivony


  • StartApp's SDK has already been updated internally and will be available in the next service release of Andromo, however I don't have a release date for that at this time.
  • Well that sucks. I emailed them and gave them a piece of my mind yesterday and got an email reply from them today.. Below is what I said and they said:


    Once again my account will not let me log in. This is absurd. I use
    Andromo to build my apps and it's not my fault they do not have the
    correct SDK updated on their app building platform. I mentioned it in
    their forums and one of the admins said they have your new SDK fixed in
    their new release but they don't have a time-frame on when that release
    will be available.

    So basically you are telling me that any developers who happen to
    have apps built with any of your old SDK's are going to lose their
    accounts with you, just like I did? How can you all expect to make any
    money that way? A better business practice would be to encourage people
    to update to your new SDK but not to penalize them for it if they don't
    or can't for one reason or another.

    I happen to make $4000 a month with my apps with Admob and I was
    simply trying to find new reputable ad networks to use so I wouldn't
    have to keep my eggs all in one basket, so to speak. But after the
    trouble I have had with StartApp I get the feeling that you all don't
    want me which leads me to believe that your company is a waste of time
    anyways. I will take my business elsewhere and leave you with this one
    final thought...

    We publishers are who keep your company in business. If you treat us
    badly, then your company can expect nothing less than failure and
    bankruptcy. Don't be so quick to ban people when they haven't done
    anything wrong. Word of mouth can make or break a company like yours.
    I'm going to be sure to tell other publishers of my experience on all
    the developer forums I'm on.

    Have a great day.


    Hello Robert,

    apologize for the inconvenience with this. It seems like Andromo has
    integrated an old version of our SDK and has not updated their system.
    We care about our publishers and do our best to provide them with the
    best product. This is why we regularly update our SDK to ensure a
    quality experience.

    has independently integrated our software into their system without an
    official partnership. It is their responsibility to stay updated with
    the latest changes. I reviewed Adromo's documentation on their website
    and I can see that it has not been updated in a year.

    recommend you reach out to their support and explain the situation and
    tell them that anyone who uses their system will be blocked by our
    network if they do not update their system. Once they update their
    systems, we will happily open up your account.

    also recommend creating an app from code and integrating our SDK
    directly. This will allow you more flexibility and options that are not
    available using the integration that Andromo offers.

    Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.


  • I'm not sure what's going on over at StartApp, but further to what Darryl said, we'll be releasing an update to Andromo hopefully later this week (or very early next week) which will update StartApp's SDK to the latest version.

    To be honest, we don't see many Andromo users using StartApp, so we might not continue to offer that network in the future (especially if they do not support legacy versions of their SDK - I can understand them *wanting* people to use the most current release, but it's not realistic to expect app developers to *have* to). But for now, we'll continue to offer it as an option.
  • Thanks Colin and Darryl. I sent Roy one more email so maybe he will decide to come here and participate in this discussion..


    I've posted a thread about this in the Andromo forums:

    free to chime in there if you wish. Your all's decision to close
    people's accounts if they don't update to your newest SDK is terrible
    and makes no business sense whatsoever. I believe that people
    researching your company will find my thread when doing a Google search
    and will also agree with me. Not a good decision on your part at all.

    Regardless, you have lost me as a publisher and I will be sharing my experience on other forums as well.

    Good day sir...
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    Hi there Andromo Users.  My name is Matthew and I'm in charge of the Support Team at StartApp

    We've answered Robert request personally but we would like
    to share that at StartApp our SDK is updated nearly every week and in order to
    insure our partners with the best performance out there we recommend using our
    latest sdk versions.

    We care for our publishers and want to make sure they get
    the best of our product.

    Not updating the sdk for a year is a very long time and we
    want to make sure that our customers have the best tools we can give.

    If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate
    to contact our support at and we'll take care of
    any related issue.

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Like I said, we'll be releasing an update to Andromo next week with the latest StartApp SDK. It's not feasible for any app developer to be required to update a 3rd party SDK every week, so that's not going to happen. There are no other ad networks on this planet with that requirement, so hopefully that's just a misunderstanding...

  • Andromo v4.4.0 was released today and we updated StartApp‘s SDK to version 3.1.1
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