Flickr Grid Thumbnail Quality is Too Low

Hello everyone,

My problem is basically what it says in the title. There is nothing wrong with pictures themselves, they show up fine when I visit Flickr on my computer. On the app, the full pictures are fine; but the thumbnails when on grid-view are horrible. They even look like they were even mosaic-filtered. This is not because of the internet connection because I had it tried with several devices in different places.

So, how do I increase the quality of thumbnails?

Alternatively, is there any other way (e.g. using the gallery action) that I can create a picture activity that updates whenever new pictures are added? Not update the whole app, just add the new picture to the list; like 9Gag style.



  • I had the same issue too and opened a thread here a while ago. In short, there's nothing you can do.

    However, be careful when using Flickr images - if they are not yours, do not show ads on them, otherwise you're risking a ban.
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