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Hello I just got banned from the play store. my admob account was created by a different email address though. Is it safe? Also I want to create a new google developer's account should i still use the old admob account? Is there any guide to life after getting banned from play store? Also when I reupload my apps using different package name do I have to change the application name and logos too? Really don't want to get another ban immediately as I am yet to break even from the money already spent on this!


  • You need to change everything. Better make the apps again!
    You can try change the package name to .net (I have done it) but seems safer to get PRO and change to whatever you want.
    Admob should be safe, but it will soon start disabling your ad units. I had like 50 ad units disabled and still admob survived.
    Some say it is not OK to have the same admob in a new GP. It is another way for google to identify you as the owner and chain ban new accounts. However, I did it and so far new GP has survived.

    If you are to make new GP account, you need everything new:
    PC, IP, Package name, title, assets, phone number, Credit card, wallet name, address, etc etc
    The more you make distinctly different from the banned one, the more chances you got Google will not identify and link the two accounts.

    If I might add another suggestion, register in makingmoneywithandroid forums. Many useful topics in there, but try to cross-check everything you hear. Not all posts are reliable.
  • Sorry to hear that, @chuk77. Do like @anteos said and you should be fine. However, if you don't have a spare computer at hand, you can install another OS in VirtualBox, get a private VPN server (the IP is just for you) and that works as well. Private VPN's cost about 10 USD/month.

    And, when getting back on GP, play it safe.
  • Thanx guys @anteos @hendrixs, I really appreciate the help. I've created a new dev account now with different laptop, email, card dev name etc...and have started creating new apps from scratch (though I know renaming to net. would still work just decided to be on the safe side). I read if you don't get banned after your 1st app publishing you're safe. I just hope it works *fingers crossed*
  • Good luck!
  • Good luck and let us know how it goes. Also, do not forget to change your Publisher name in Andromo.
  • as @anteos rightly pointed out, ad serving has been disabled to all the apps I had on my previous dev account sobs....Im really starting from scratch... its quite sad seeing all the users of the old apps online but knowing you're not getting any revenue from them. Please how can I disable the google analytics service that is running in these applications? and also what do I do with these ones on amazon and Samsung apps store? I might as well delete them all right?
  • This is the reason why you should include some more ad networks other than admob. Your revenue does diversify between so many sources, but at least if admob gets gone, you still make money from the other networks.
    For analytics, I would do nothing. let them be.
    For the other stores, it is simple! Rebuild the app as update, change ads to something else and submit there again. Do not forget, GP banned you but the other stores are still OK with any app you give, so try update asap! You have users from those two stores who do not see any ad now.
  • @anteos from your experience what other ad network would you recommend? Preferably one that uses bank wire as PayPal has restrictions in my country.
  • @chuk77

    With enough userbase, StartApp is semi-decent (CPI model, means you only get paid if an install has occurred).
    Other than that, Mobilecore for sure and airpush as a cpm banner.
  • HI GUYS GOOD JOB, BEEN A WHILE HERE, JUST GOT HIT AGAIN BY the wicked Google play Team, on two of my account. just want to inquire if you know how long it takes the  evil - robot to terminate account bought with the same credit card, cos i have one thats up for almost a month now and its still standing while another bought with same card has been terminated?
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    Hi guys, I just got banned from Google Play Store this morning. Couple of days ago, i received an email from Google which says that before Jan 11, 2016 i must specify whether or not my Apps contain Ads. With over 170 Apps, i run to the store and started filling in the yes-Ad buttons before i run out of time. After finishing that, Google just sent me an email that one of my Apps is suspended and then a termination notice.
    Please advice me what should i do now?? Should i update all my Apps with new Ad units like mobilecore and then distribute them in amazon and samsung stores?? But how much money can i make that way?? I was making over $70/day with soon will i get back to that point?? I really need your help guys.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • There are not many options.
    You either work on alternative stores from now on, or you make another GP account and start over. New apps, new names, new package name, new credit card, new PC, new IP. As many as you can should be new else your account will be also banned once they link it to the previous.

    I am sorry you had to go through it. I went through it too and have worked extremely hard for 6months only to manage to reach less than 5% of my previous revenues... expect a hard way ahead :(
  • Thanks @anteos, am not sure what I should do next. :(
  • First, you start submitting the apps you got in alternative stores. Load them with ads of other networks.
    Then, when everything is online in the other markets, research on how to make a new GP account safely.
    Then you need more apps work as explained before, everything should be brand new.
  • Appreciated @anteos that's exactly what i should do but one thing is weird, my Admob account is still active and am getting good revenue so far. I don't know when they'll stop ad-serving to my apps. Lets say i updated all my apps with ads of other networks, what will happen to my November 2015 Admob earnings?? I read somewhere that If a google account is banned, Admob account will also be banned. Now how about my earnings in there??

    Lets say they (Admob) decides to stop ad-serving to my apps, are they going to pay me out my remaining balance???

    And should i update my apps right away or its better to wait until Admob decides to stop ad-serving??? If i update my apps now i'll be losing the revenue am getting now. :( am totally confused. Please Help help please!!!

  • @anteos, do you test your apps on the same phone/tablet, as you did before? I have a second account as well (accessing it only via VirtualBox - a new Windows installation, dedicated IP address in my country via VPN, new credit card, new address etc.), but I still install and do the screenshots on my only mobile. I'm not sure if that's a mistake or not. A friend of mine, who's a developer and has been banned from GP, uses his "old" computer & phone to develop and test apps for other people who order apps from him. And all those apps are OK, with no bans.

    @akadone2: Sorry to hear that, it sucks. :( In your place, I would not bother with alternative app stores. Go back on GP ASAP and start again.
  • If admob stops runnning your ads is because you are also banned from admob, so as long as your account is active you will earn money, if your admob account is the same as your google play account is just matter of time to get banned from the other.

    Remember is you had only admob ads on your app, your user will keep running those ads until you get banned from admob or you stop running them, otherwise you will keep earning from them.

    Good luck
  • @hendrixs

    I use emulator for the initial testing (always the same machine though, a nexus device) and I use the same tablet for my shots.
    I have not really thought about it. No problems so far but maybe it is worth checking online if it could be a potential reason for a link ban.
  • Thanks @All for the advice, I just want to know what to do with my Admob account now. How to avoid getting banned?? They've started disabling ad units in my Apps already. 

    And @Hendrixs I want to go back on GP ASAP as you recommended but this time I want to try that VPN can I get to do that please??
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    @anteos: Thanks. I was trying to find Google's link where they say that they collect info about your apps, your IP, your router's SSID and much more. But with so many documents, I wasn't able to find it with a quick search. What I do is I install the app, take the screenshots, and uninstall it immediately. But I continue to test it on Genymotion.

    @akadone2: If they ban your AdMob acc, get a new one on someone else, or use alternative ad networks, like Amazon, MobileCore or StartApp (all available in Andromo).

    To get a new GP account, you need to:
    1) Install VirtualBox.
    2) Install Windows or Linux.
    3) Get a VPN with exclusive IP (the IP is only yours) or a mobile broadband internet.
    4) While connected to VPN, install Firefox or any other browser (except Chrome!) - set it to Incognito mode only.
    5) Create a Google Play account - with a new credit card, name and address.
    6) Get a new Andromo subscription OR use the existing one (PRO only) and change your developer name. Do not republish your old apps - make new apps and use everything new, including app's package name, etc.

    7) This is the MOST important - read all of the GP's policies and stick to them! You need to know those rules better than the Holy Bible! :)


    That's all, I hope this helps. I can't provide any more help than this.

    EDIT: I know two guys who were banned multiple times and were creating new accounts all the time. But after a while GP somehow figured them out and now either of them can create new account (with all the above steps) without being banned immediately. So, stay smart, and publish only compliant apps.

    Google knows way more than we think they do.
  • Hi Akadone.
    Mi experience with the same problem is this:

    I was banned in Play Store. Admob was working still well in the apps that remained installed in many smartphones and revenue continued but in rapid in rapid decline as deinstallations happens.

    After a few weeks, Admob begins to sense that my apps have been banned in Google Play and one by one the apps are banned too, gradually. After many months almost all have been banned except 3 which has few installations. The account remains active but almost no income.

    Admob simply cancel the adds in the apps they detect as banned in Play.

    That's all friends.

  • Using VPN is your way to bypass ban and get through play Store freely without any restrictions with new IP address after hiding your original one, VPN also is very essential for your online privacy to be secured everywhere. Get a reliable VPN service
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