How to disable "GO TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE" button in RSS feed

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When I open an article in RSS feed Activity, at the bottom of that article there is a "GO TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE" button. Is there any way to disable it?


  • In the RSS Activity settings you can change "When clicking an
    item" to either "Open destination link in app" or "Open destination
    link in Android browser" and it will open the destination article
    instead of showing the content that was included in the feed along
    with the "Go to Original Article" link.
  • hi i think what he means, it "in the show rss item" we ant an option to shows the rss item(not website) without shoeing the "go to original source" button at the fooer, i have also taught of that,... please we would like that in next version. i just want them to read rss only, and if possible, rss comments.
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    Yes @wole8029 @lorne that is exactly what I meant. I wouldn't want users to be able to see neither "go to original article" button, nor be able to go to destination article.
  • Any solution for this? i'm also looking for a way to disable Go to Original Article button. 
    Been asked to technical support but never any answer.
  • Yes, I'm also looking for this update.

    Hope after 5 months this thread is active and being followed by Andromo team

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