Anybody using affiliate links in their apps?

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hello developers, i understand that google play says "dont make an app where its primary purpose is to drive affiliate links to your a website"  can we use affiliate links at all, who is using  please?


  • You can use them, but don't link to flagged sites (usually low quality products available on ClickBank - don't get me wrong, they have some good products, but majority of them are so-so). I'd stay away from linking to weight loss, "make money online" products, "diabetes cures" etc.

    Back in 2012 I was making apps for people on Fiverr and most of my customers wanted these kind of affiliate links. I knew much less then, and I just did what they have asked me to, but not a single app with links to controversial products has survived. However, links to physical products from Commision Junction, for example, or links to clothing stores etc. should be much safer. Just make sure your app has lots of content.
  • ok thanks alot hendrixs
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