Andromo App Maker for Android v4.5.1 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 4.5.1 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur on older devices.
  • Made some improvements to the build process producing a smaller app size.
Andromo App Maker for Android v4.5.1 is now live at


  • Good job guys, keep 'em coming. :)
  • hello andromo, please we need fb audience network as monetization
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    That would be good, but I guess they'd need to consider dropping some of the lower performing ad networks first? I'm not sure if they can do that or not (maybe some sort of contractual reasons or if some people still use networks like Tapgage), but whenever they introduce a new ad network, they need to keep that SDK up to date, create new guides for us, etc. and that takes extra time, which could be spent on developing other features.

    We now have a wealth of ad networks to choose from (basically all the top networks, except FB), and I too would not mind seeing FB added, but I'm more eager to see the new Material Design updates and some other thing that are being worked on.
  • We have considered dropping ad networks, however at that point there were still people using them, so we decided to leave them for now. We are open to it though.

    We are also open to adding new networks such as FB if they meet our functional standards, and financial benefit for our users. As Hendrix mentioned though, each addition comes with an implementation/maintenance cost, and does delay other features that may be implemented during that period.

    All that being said, our focus right now is on the material design update. We don't plan to release any new features until that is completed. The only reason we would stop our current development is to fix issues that come up.

  • About the ad networks - the ones that seem to work for a lot of people are:
    • AdMob (that's a no brainer)
    • Amazon (very good eCPM, but low fill rates)
    • mobileCore
    • StartApp

    Networks like Airpush, AppBrain, AppLovin and LeadBolt used to be big in their time, but from what I see, they are rarely used. If you have a lot of apps on your phone, you can install Ad Network Detector app from Google Play and it will tell you what ad networks are used by which app. AdMob practically dominates most of the apps on my test device.

    Other ad networks in Andromo (Millenial Media, MobPartner & Tapgage) are practically useless.

    Many ad networks come and go (some of them perform abnormally well for short amounts of time - just to get some advertisers on board), but AdMob seems to stand the test of time even after all these years. So instead of asking Andromo for each new ad network that comes out, maybe we should focus on the best & biggest ones and let them do more work on the development itself.

    Adding Facebook Audience Network and their SDK for advertising our apps wouldn't hurt, tho. :) This guy is also switching most of his ads to Facebook:

  • yes liek hendrixs said.. i think facebook keeps things simple toimplement like admob, and yes admob is the best, globally..offering ads for all nations, the same with facebook which has ads for all countries also and without a doubt would be second best, if not better than admob... admob has alot of unfair policy that make them disable ads in your app for adsense autopost etc... and mor eimportantle disabling your ads when google play suspends it or othe apps in a suspended account. we wont have this with a good alternative like fb audience network...
  • FAN has a strict acceptance policy as far as I know. It can even take weeks before they accept the app you list with them.
    Other than that, I also second FAN for the future.
  • really, then i must say if FAN takes weeks to approve an app, then they are not ready for andromo..
  • I agree everything hendrixs said about the Ad Networks. Keep those 4, get rid-off the other ones and add Facebook Audience Network. Simple.
  • Btw, I had some complaints from the users who are running 2.3.6 Android about the crashes (it's also registered in the Google Play Developer Console), but this update fixed the crashing issues for them. So if anyone has an app build with the prior version (4.5.0), you should update your app(s) ASAP. Other than that, Andromo is working beautifully. :)
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    About the Facebook Audience Network - I received this email from FB today:
    You're approved for Audience Network. Go live to start making money!

    Hi There,

    My name is ******, and I work on developer outreach for Facebook's Audience Network.

    I noticed that your mobile app is approved for Audience Network, but it is not showing ads yet. Audience Network is your way to show highly-targeted ads inside your app, giving you access to Facebook's people-based ad targeting and over 2.5 million advertisers.

    During the holidays, mobile engagement is high and it is a great opportunity to go live and start making money. It only takes 21 days to get paid on Audience Network, which is faster than other ad networks.

    Go live in three easy steps:
    1.     Click "Get Started" below
    2.     Install the Audience Network SDK
    3.     Choose where ads will appear

    Not bad. Also, I received another email from AdMob about Mediation. As long as you're on AdMob, you have access to multiple high-paying networks without the need to implement SDK from each one of them.

    Might be something to ponder about for future Andromo releases.

    Keep up the good job, guys.
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    @hendrixs i did look into mediation, at present i do not think we can use it correct me if i am wrong? as we would need adapters for the relevant ad company.With regards to ad companies in general, its a fast moving space, andromo  have to move forward accordingly.
  • @naqshbandi: I'm not sure, I haven't used it in any of my custom apps yet, but AdMob keeps on bugging me how cool it is. :) They claim that the earnings can go up by 40-150%.
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