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hello anybody getting $40 minimum daily budget per campaign on facebook ads?


  • I am about to try FB ads for one of my apps (today or tomorrow). I did various other FB ads (fan page likes, post boost and CTA button promo) and I think the minimum was 5 USD.

    I'll let you know when I set up the campaign.
  • ok thanks very much hendrixs.. they just changed it last week..try at your end and pls let me know app installs.. and also what other method or ads network do you use to promote your apps please share.. becos i was using just facebook but now i have to retire them cos cant spend 40$ a day on one app!
  • I was able to set a 5 USD budget, but I encountered another problem! Here it is: http://prntscr.com/98u3af

    As a result, I can't place the order. :-/

    I'll contact support and report back.
  • hello, hendrixs, thanks .pls what kind of campaign did you opt for, is it "clicks to website" or "App install" ? becos clicks to website minumum is now $5 a day while app install is now $40 a day on my end.
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    @wole8029: Today I found out that it was the "App Installs" option that produced the error I reported yesterday. I changed it to "CPC" (Cost Per Click) and now I too had to go with the 40 USD/day budget. :-/ I started the campaign anyway just to see what happens. But 40 USD/day is definitely way too much.

    There are many mobile ad networks out there and Millennial Media, for example, is among the cheapest. But they too have a min. daily budget, which is 20 USD, I think. However, I guess that no other ad network has the same targeting options, as Facebook.
  • I have advertising accounts with Go2Mobi and InMobi as well and I just checked their daily minimums. Go2Mobi's DM is 20 USD, while InMobi's is now 200 USD (it used to be 25 USD).

    One of the cheapest and still most popular mobile ad networks is Decisive. You can have a 5 USD/day budget, if you wish, but their targeting is extremely limited.
  • thanks alot hendrixs.. facebook as at last week used to be 1$ a day, i do not know who deceived them  to make this drastic change.. its a pity. that tey would do this and it has made appbusiness become expensive and unaffordable by small developers. we hope they would at least reconsider and make it 5$ daily minimum like clicks to website. google admob is expensive.but they dont even have a minimum daily bidget......i set up admob yesterday for 2$ a day and max cpc bid of $0.01 and ads is running even though slow cos oflow bid .... fb was the cheapest as i could get $0.002 per clicks sometimes.
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    I wish I knew that before! It's really a shame that FB upped the minimum daily spend to such a high amount.

    Were you able to run "App Install" campaigns? They don't work for me (I get an error). I'm able to run only CPC campaigns. I spent $20.96 in 12 hours and the ad reached 5.034 people (4.16 USD per 1000 impressions). It's a lot, but I was targeting only women (US) who liked high-profile woman's magazines.

    It's too bad that you can't really analyze the ad campaign in-depth without using their SDK - then again, every mobile ad network needs you to have their SDK for in-depth analytics.

    Maybe that's something that could be implemented in Andromo in future. Especially if that would allow us to run App Install campaigns for as little as 5 USD/day.
  • yes hendrixs i just got reply from fb support about it, they said to run app install, you have to register the app first on fb,and install their sdk in our app.. that has to be by andromo.

    what you spend was really expensive.. but here is a check after you order on 40$ and its approved, you can reduce it to 5$
    :))  coded.lol. give it a try...
  • @wole8029: That's a very good piece of info, thanks!

    Yeah, I much more prefer the CPI model, because you pay only when people actually install the app. And, like you said, we could run ads for 5 USD/day only. I just stopped my ads, so I didn't spend the full 40 USD, but it's good to know that you can reduce the amount as well.

    @darryl: If possible, can you please consider implementing Facebook Audience Network and their SDK for advertising? Nowadays having a boost for your app with some ads helps a lot, because the organic reach is somewhat down.
  • yes i agree with you @hendrixs
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