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Can I pay per month plan? $8 per month. I think yearly plan is to expensive for me, thanks


  • No I'm sorry, we currently only offer the two yearly plans that are billed annually.
  • this is not good mr darryl, why did you guys cancel the yearly plan, for people who are new to app business like a friend i was trying to buy the 25$/month plan for but to my surprise i saw 8$ and then i saw that is yearly. please bring back the monthly plan!!! I speak for new app businessmen like my friend. they wont be able to pay 100$, thats why many run from Apple the 99$... SO PLEASE DARRLY, #BRING BACK MONTHLY PLAN!!!
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    I wasn't aware of this change, however, Andromo is still cheaper (and better in my view) than any other similar service out there.

    100 USD may seem much, but if you make decent apps, it is virtually guaranteed, that you'll make this back and much, much more. The monthly plan was much more expensive anyway - it was 300 USD/year vs 99 USD/year (if you choose a one time payment). You also need at least 3-6 months to make decent money so yearly seems a better choice.

    Eventually time and market will tell if monthly subscription is necessary or not.
  • @hendrixs You touched on one of the nice things about the yearly plan, that you have a long time to make your money back, and with a little effort you should be able to make the $100 back easily.

    It was one of the issues with the monthly plan, the difficulty in making that $25.00 back in your first month of app was a turn off for some subscribers.
  • I have recently made my first app using this Andromo app maker. It seems ok but how can I let other friends see it to give me some king of critical review? By the way, I'm in my seventies and not too sharp on the technical things like some of the young ones so please keep it simple in any replies to my question. Kind regards...William
  • Hello William, all you need to do is download the app to your computer, and send that APK file to your friends. They will have to install it on their mobile phone to test it.
  • when will the monthly plan?
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