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Hi Guys... please i want to ask question i subscribed for Andromo / year unlimited, and just recently 2 of my Apps got suspended, which means i got 2 suspension,  so my question here is can i sign up new goggle play store account with different name and continue building my Apps from my that old Andromo Account and put them in this new Goggle play store account? Any suggestion guys



  • Hi @shafson, if only two of your apps got suspended, your account should still be fine. But, to answer your question, yes, you can use the same Andromo account, but you need the PRO version. This way you can change the package name (don't forget to change your developer name as well) and there will be no traces left.

    I asked the same question the Andromo team before and this was their answer. Maybe they can confirm that this still holds true?
  • Ok thank you @hendrixs. But the problem is my current Andromo subscription it'snt PRO version. it its just one year unlimited subscription plan but (I can't change packet name) , Would it be okay if i continue building the Apps with that Andromo Account and put them in new goggle play store account? but I will change new laptop and new phone for screen shot!.

    Thnaks once again :)
  • You'd need to upgrade your account to PRO so you can change the package name (to something like com.yourbrandname.yourappname). This way you'll totally mask your identity. Otherwise the same package names (Andromo's defaut) will be present on both GP accounts.

    But, if you manage to hide your connection with the second GP account, you can continue to use the same package name. I've done many apps for other people (some of them were banned) and it did not have any effect on my GP account.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • Okay @hendrixs, thank you so much. really appreciated.
  • hi however you d not need to upgrade .. i have people who are still using the same plan after google play account termination. so i have learnt that google play doesnt read / link andromo package name/ id. what they really check is the design of the app. if its loks excatly the same as a terminated one, in images and activities
  • Good to know, thanks for the share, @wole8029. I'd just go the extra mile to cover all my traces with a new package name.
  • @wole8029: Do you happen to know if they still test their apps on the same devices (mobiles/tablets)?
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