Andromo apps show on Google Play web store, but most of them are not on a device



  • megajmarketing wait for 4 - 6 hours .  @hendrixs sure.  I was affected from yesterday I guess, Just after noticing this forum , I immediately searched in playstore , and found same for my app (I have only 1 app published in playstore  without any custom name) . Visited analytics , noticed  %New sessions dropped dramatically from yesterday. 

    Also, I wonder if republishing an app with AdMob helps? 
    After going through this forum and also reddit , I assume that problem may lies with in admob-andromo integartion . 

    waiting for my updated app to publish in playstore and whether it helps me to reappear in search or not.
    will update as soon as I have some news
  • @bappa86

    At this point I don't see any information to indicate it has anything to do with AdMob at all. All my still visible apps have AdMob in them. If anything, simply publishing an update would be something to try.
  • @thanks darryl. are you sure its not your playstore cache . 

    will publish few old apps with admob  (which was unpublished many months ago) to find out what's the issues.

  • My app appeared in similar apps page once again/or other users installed. ... , please publish the app with other ads like FAN

    waiting for get into search results too... 

    It only take 30 minutes to updated the playstore page this time..

    (I have never seen google update app page so quickly , most of the time it takes 4 hours).
    beartech  thanks a lot .. 
  • @bappa86

    Yes, I have the same results with the Google Play store cache cleared.

    I believe that someone previously mentioned that the apps still showed up in the similar apps area initially.

    I still feel that if anything you're doing works, it has nothing to do with ads, it's the process of simply republishing.
  • bappa86 Did it work for you? What did you do exactly? We should gather all the data we have get.
  • edited June 2016

     I also removed admob ads but it didn't work. Later, I removed admob and add startapp ads and it worked. 

    So we are sure that ads except admob must be added to the app if we want them to be visible on search listings again.

    I will do some more tests. For examle:

    1- update app by only changing description on google play not the apk.
    2- adding admob again to the app that I republish without admob today but didn't showed up on search listings.
    3- updating apk with a new admob code and sending to google play.
  • @darryl - "I believe that someone previously mentioned that the apps still showed up in the similar apps area initially."  - Oops , I haven't checked that before updating my app....  Thanks for this point.

    beartech - I am not sure whether its work for me or not. as still now my apps not appeared in search page... But fortunately my apps appearing as before in similar page/user also installed page.

    Also I want to inform you that not all andromo apps having admob app effected. One app made with andromo and monetized by admob , appearing in search results. Last updated - 13th May.

    So I am not sure whether its because of andromo-admob integration . Many developer also reporting same in stackoverflow (I guess they developed custom app )

    May be a big technical issues only ...

  • great idea @beartech.. yeah so far the changes i made earlier didnt work.. now ive tried a simple update without any major changes, just an icon in my app.. i will update in an hour
  • bappa86 

    I think the apps are gradually disappearing from google play search listings. For example 2 days ago I noticed 5 of my 14 apps were missing. But this morning all of them were missing. That's why some people like Daryl think that "this isn't something with admob"
  • @beartech  gradual disappearance may arise the possibility of google's deliberate actions. That's horrible.

    testing/researching every possibilities IF using FAN don't help me to comeback in search result I will go for Startapp like you. also published few old apps (which was hidden) . Let see the result.

    also waiting for Playstore manager response , as she promised to get back with an update.

    Lets pray, this should be a technical issues only not their intentional action.

  • My friend has an Andromo app that is published in Google play as a paid app. (last updated about a month ago)  without any ads of any kind. it also not showing in GP mobile device results also not in Tablet device. so I think the problem is something else that doesn't relate to Admob ads also he has a free App with Admob ads that also is not showing for the last 2 days. 
  • davidapp 

    I tested it too. Apps with admob or without any ads don't shown on the search listings.
  • Just chatted with another support person. They are aware of the issues very much. Only technical issues.. 
    Google engineer working on this. 

  • Hi,

    the answer of support google :

    I will email you as soon as I get word on the case being fixed.I am going to include your case to it.This is a higher priority since a lot of developers are experiencing this issue.Ok so I can confirm that your app has the same issue as other developers. The issue is being worked on by our specialists as we speak.
  • this is shattering.. my revenue decreased by 50% and im expecting it to go down more and more.. only relying now on current installs.. 

    anyone has an update? tried everything except for that startapp method..
  • My problem resolved. apps appearing in search result as before. Please check yours. 
    Please confirm.

    Google fixed the problem. all andromo apps appearing. 
  • Mine are back too! I didn't change anything, so google must have fixed it.
  • Keep use andromo. Jokes from Google engineers. Alive again. Check yours.
  • My missing ones are visible again too.
  • Cheers all back to normal... hope this wont happen again... it was a torture for the past 48hrs :|
  • I had not noticed any problem with my apps but I am glad it was just technical issues. Great for all of us!
  • I was away for most of the day, but I'm happy to report, that my apps are now visible, too! You guys were so cool testing various scenarios and reporting back.

    My manager also got back to me and said that they had technical difficulties. Thank god we're back to business as usual. :)

  • I always do an in-between check of my earnings at 5 PM, to see how's the day going, and today it's even worse than any other day before (despite the fact that our apps are searchable again).

    I guess we'll need to wait for a few more days, to get a better understanding of the damage, that was done to us by Google.

    How are your earnings?
  • Yeah, my earnings aren't great today. My eCPM is down 20% from yesterday.
  • I think i did not suffer from the problem, for any reason. I know that because I could search for my apps (I tried some) and my developer account, and I did not experience any drop of impressions.
    However, today does seem a low day.
  • so far... its been like the day it was gone from the device search... still observing, still got half a day for observation...
  • @megajmarketing: Same here. My earnings were around 12 EUR down compared to yesterday at 5 PM. As far as my earnings are concerned, it didn't help a bit that our apps are searchable again. Google really messed it up this time.
  • lets observe until the end of the day.. cant really tell for sure at my end since ive changed strategy for my push just this day, so cant really conclude..
  • As I Have used FAN for almost 10 hours yesterday , I noticed total revenue admob . But Today admobs earning came back as usual with RPM  higher than yesterday (0.83$ yesterday, today till Now 0.93$). @hendrixs @megajmarketing  I don't think this technical mess will impact our revenue anyhow after 2 or 3 days. 


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