Andromo apps show on Google Play web store, but most of them are not on a device

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Try to search your apps on your devices, please.
My apps are not found.



  • hi andromo,

    whats happening?

    this is true.. i cant see all my apps on the playstore.. i am not suspended or i dont have any violation whatsoever.. i thought i was just having a bad day so i hardly noticed, but now that someone mentioned it and i checked, its true, i cant find any of my apps on the playstore when searcing using device, even if i search for my developer name, nothing.. 

    whats happening?
  • Just tested it too. No wonder my ad impressions have plummeted... The apps with "andromo" in the package name aren't showing up in search, but the ones with a custom package name are. I suppose there were too many andromo spam apps and google got mad.
  • Guys for me I can see many apps of mine. One search was enough, it showed me like 5 apps.
    Can you please check if your apps got package name com.etc or alternative package name net.etc?

    Because my GP apps are under net after my initial GP ban.
  • mine are all customed package name, since i got professional subscription.

    so no it dont make sense.. also when i search my developer name it doesnt show any of me or my apps
  • Searching fro developer name works for me OK too. Maybe you need to contact support to look into it.
    Hopefully it will be something temporary that wont affect any of us.

    BTW - Did you guys open up your developer console? If not, just take a look there because there are bad news of people who got banned account at once, without suspended apps first, and without receiving email about it. I hope you dont have such problem thought, just go check
  • yes i can open my developer console and its working fine no problem..
  • Thats nice, great news. Maybe send some info about it like a screenshot or detailed guide how to check the problem to the support guys? I would do it but I dont seem to experience the problem.
  • i already sent them a message about this..

    this is alarming.. trying to get back and then this again..
  • Hi,
    i confirme a have the same issue.

  • Report your problem here :

    If massive reports are created, we will get the answer as soon as possible, I think.

    And we will know, is andromo blacklisted or banned by play store or not. (for admin forums : please do not remove this word, just change with other word if necessary)

    I've got the answer after 8 hours :

    Hi Man,

    for contacting Google Play Developer Support and for reporting the
    behavior that you're seeing with the Google Play Developer Console.

    team is currently investigating the product behavior you described and
    will let you know as soon as we have a solution. We want to get this
    issue resolved for you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Google Play Developer Support
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    ive done my part few hours ago.. they havent replied yet, but im guessing we will have the same reply
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    The same issue for us too and all apps had custom package names.
    We also reported the problem to the link given below.
    The same issue is discussed on too
  • Ok, I guess my custom package name apps were ghosted too, except for a few. I'm trying to figure out why those would be left and the others not.
  • This has nothing to do with using Andromo to create your apps. There are reports all over the place talking about this, so it is a widespread, general issue with the Google Play app. Take a deep breath. Report the issue to Google Play and share any responses you get.
  • colinadams, besides that reddit link, where else are people talking about this? I haven't seen anything on the other forums I visit.
  • i just noticed.. i cant see all of mine when doing search or any in the listings.. but when i click and see another app similar to mine, i see my app on the suggested app list.. seems its still on the device in playstore only its missing in the listings, but i think its impossible to conclude that my rankings went down since even if i search for the 100% correct name of my app and developer name i cant see it.. google bug i guess.. well see
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    Relax guys. I have figured out what the problem is. But I'm not sure if there is a solution that we can handle. Maybe the guys who developed andromo can do something. 

    Well, My all apps, which all have ghost package names, disappeared from google play. Then checked one of my friends' profile and I saw that 15 of his apps are still visible on google play. Tohether we discussed what may be the reason. Then he told me that he uses startapp ads not admob on these visible apps.

    Then, I deleted admob and added startapp ads to one of my apps and guess what. It became visible on mobile devices again. Having seen that, I changed ads from admob to startapp on 7 seven more apps. And they became visible, too.

    So, I think the problem is about the way that our apps showing admob ads. There may be an update related to admob, or there may be need to change some codes. 

    From now on it is the duty of Andromo guys. They must do something to fix this problem.

    You can also try what I did so that we can be sure about the reason of this mess.

    PS: I check many different google play developer accounts using andromo, And I saw that this problem only affects the andromo apps.
  • i did notice that admob posted an update but ddnt know what to do with it.. so if someone can shed a light to this? andromo can tell us whats going on? do we need to change a setting on admob or something?
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    I think the managers should do something on the background of andromo. After that we will need to rebuild our apps and update them one by one.
  • beartech, are you sure they didn't become visible just because you updated the app? I mean, if you had left admob in and released a new version, maybe that would become visible too?
  • lets help each other out im trying to do something at the moment.. some test, etc
  • I highly doubt it has anything to do with Ads at all. My assumption is that it was simply because you published an update. For example, only 3 out of my 8 apps are hidden from searches and they all contain AdMob. And as others have stated, the 3 hidden apps are still live, just not searchable.
  • Therefore you can certainly try to publish an update to your apps without any changes to see what happens, or wait for Google Play's support response to determine why it's ultimately occurring.
  • @beartech: Thanks for the very interesting piece of info.

    The problem is definitely and without a doubt somehow related to Andromo apps. I have many Andromo apps and custom apps on same accounts, and Andromo apps are all gone from search results, while custom apps can be found just as easily as before (I use AdMob only on GP).

    I'll contact Google and my account manager to see if they can do something about it. But this is an extremely serious situation. Based on my analytics data, this has started on June 28. My earnings and downloads are in a free fall.

    If I learn anything useful, I'll let you know. But I have a hunch that too many people were spamming GP with shitty apps and this the price we're paying now. Maybe other "wizard apps" are also gone from the search? Did anyone check?
  • Just contacted with my Playstore manager, she was unable to provide me reasons . But confirmed there are some issues they are aware and promised me to reply with in days. 
    I just republished the app with FACEBOOK ads. waiting if this change help me to appear in search result once again or not. 
  • @bappa86: Please let us know. Also, I wonder if republishing an app with AdMob helps? I can't republish right now, but will be able to within an hour or two.
  • But that's the thing hendrix, from everything I've seen thus far, there are no consistent patterns that I've seen thus far. Your results are different than mine and others at this point, and the issue has been reported for non-Andromo apps as well. If it was directly related to Andromo, then my assumption would be that all of my apps would be affected. I would suggest contacting your account manager though to get to the bottom of it. I've already submitted a support ticket with them and also waiting for a response.
  • ive tried what @beartech did.. i disabled admob and replublished the app.. so far nothings changed..
    i guess ill update again in 2 hours..
  • Hi,

    Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support to report the behavior you're seeing with app visibility. 

    I’ve documented your issue and escalated it to our technical team for further investigation. Our team is working to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible.

    I appreciate your patience and I’ll let you know the moment I have an update. 

    If you have any other questions in the meantime, please let me know.

    Google Play Developer Support

    ----- this is the reply i got.. a different reply from @mandra
  • FYI, my initial response was also slightly different and likely just related to what options were chosen when submitting the support ticket.
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