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I am currentyl a

You're on the Gold / Professional plan. Your subscription will expire on

Do I need to do anything to get the special deal sent to me as a early developer? Do I have to cancel this and pick the new deal?

Please advise.



  • I don't think so if I understand correctly, I would like a admin to comment on this though, as I have the same plan as you.
  • If your account subscription status says 'Gold / Professional Plan' it means that you had previously paid to upgrade one of your apps to Gold Status. To reward you, we automatically upgraded your account to the same benefits as the $499/yr Professional Plan and added on some extra months as another free bonus - to say thanks.

    However, if you'd prefer to pay and get in on the $50/yr plan instead (which locks you into that rate as long as you don't unsubscribe) we can do that for you. Just login to your Andromo account and open a private Support ticket and let us know. We've had a few people ask to do that, as they didn't expect to need the Pro features - and would rather have the $50/yr rate going forward.

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