OK need some help here if anyone has info on this.

Today google took down one of my App's the first App in my years where I have really started making money, About $35 a day and going up. 

I filed a filed a counter notification but does Google really do anything about this type of stuff other then just tell you to kick rocks. The person who filed on my App has a App somewhat like mine and has some of the same info that my App has in it. All of it was Public Domain Computer INFO and stuff you can get from Wikipedia and a lot of the info is over 15 to 20+ years old.

Are App's look nothing alike other then a few old parts photos and so on so I don't understand how my App could be taken down or even why. Does Google even look at this stuff or do they just take it down and make you take the other person to court.

On a side note I did look around a little tonight and the other person does not own a trademark for their App's name and they don't live in the USA, Would it be wrong of me to trademark the name nor domain name and do a nice website up and go after him to get him back !!! I know that sounds bad but I hate working so hard and something and then seeing it taken away from me as someone got pissed due to me taking away a few $$$ from them.

Thanks for any info that can be given on this type of stuff.


  • You should definitely contact Google about that. They would have provided you with the contents of the DMCA filing. It's a legal document and not something that anyone would file spuriously, as it opens them up to some very serious repercussion if they are claiming rights they do not have. I'm not a lawyer, and don't take this any sort of actual advice, but if you know you are 100% in the right, you should contact a lawyer yourself.
  • Google came back with there canned robot today. I know I am 100% right as the most of the stuff is things like RS 232 Pinout codes and LTP ports from the 90's that has long been in the public domain. Plus the other guys app does not look any think like mine as he knows how to do real programming. The only thing I can think of is he got pissed as my App hit overload in the past 2 weeks and was in the Top 10 Tending and the Pro version was number 1 paid for my Cat with-in 1 day.

    unpaid reviews "something I don't believe in" was 4.65 stars from 250+ reviews. The big issue I have is they are on the other side of the world so things like this do not come cheap. That is why I was thinking about filing a TradeMark on his App name something he never did as I may have to fight dirty due to him being on the other side of the world and google being of no help on this.

    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    At this time, Google has decided not to take action based on our policies concerning content removal and reinstatement in regard to the URLs below:

    And yes I did reply to this will all types of info to support my app but I did that the first time and they said nope.

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    Well I just did something crazy and I don't know if it will help but due to the face that I know the HTML and the CSS code is my own I just filed it with the United States Copyright Office. Don't know if this will help in the end but it should.

    Will have to wait god knows how many months for them to get back to me on this

    I just am not going to roll over on this one as I know I am 100% within my right to do this as he calmed copy right over my code and I know he did not right my HTML as I did.
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    Have you tried contacting the person who filed the DMCA complaint? Oftentimes things can be resolved with a bit of talking. If he filed a false DMCA, that's a very serious issue. Keep us updated on how it goes.
  • I sent him a email and we will see where it goes. As of this point I am not sure what I can do due to the false DMCA but I will keep at it. I may start digging around for a lawyer next week. Even paying a few bucks to send him a letter / email may get him to back off.
  • So no reply after emailing him and nothing from Google
  • So I got no place with the owner of the App who filed on me other then to kick rocks and I make a lot of Money and have 1,000,000+ downloads so there is nothing you can do. He even went as far as to tell me he will file DMCA's on the websites that have canned photos and tech stuff on RS 232 Cables "" in other words super old computer cables.

    As for Google even having sending them links showing the stuff is not covered under DMCA and would fall in Public Domain stuff I still just get the same canned stuff from them and no help.

    This is real BS on Googles part if you ask me.
  • How have you been doing since then? What´s the url of the app of the bad guy?
  • send me url of the banned app
    i will see what's the problem exactly
    and i will tell you

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