Please guys how can i change  Target  Market  in App info, if i want  to publish my Apps in Getjar store?
Because i only saw 3 options 
1.... Google Play: Android Phones and Tablets 
2....Amazon Appstore: Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD
3....Samsung Apps: Android Galaxy devices


  • Google Play target is OK for all alternative markets except Amazon and Samsung.
  • Okay thank you @anteos ;
  • Please anteos, I want to Monitize my apps using caller id ( Callerdorado) ads network  or Getjar, which Monitization option would i  select in Andromo Monitization page in my app? Because i only saw Admob, Airpush, Amazon mobile ads, Appbrain,Applovin,Facebook Audience ads,Leadbolt,Millenial Media,Mobpartner and StartApp.
  • @shafson

    You cannot add an ad network that Andromo team hasnt added. The ones you see there are the only ones supported by Andromo currently.
  • Okay thank you so much @anteos ;
  • No problem @shafson.
    This community used to be way more alive when I first entered Andromo in Oct 2013 and I got much help from the other members here too.
    It might not be as lively now, but I dont think it hurts us (maybe 10 people who show up often) if we spend 1 minute of our time to help fellow Andromo members.
  • Ohhh okay that's very kind of you @anteos .
    Yeah sure.You are doing great thing to all of us, may God bless you.

    Again @anteos please can i use morethan one ads in my app? forinstance to use Admob ads and also StartApp ads all in one App?

    Thanks once again :)
  • Yes, you can do that. Andromo code will choose among the ads networks you have added in random. I soemtimes have more than 4 ad networks in an app, no problem.
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