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  • @keithco
    Express Native is public, Advanced Native is closed beta.

    Andromo doesn't have native ads yet, but I share my experience in hopes we will get them in Andromo as well. I prefer Andromo apps over custom coded apps (as an indie developer, you can have just as much -  or more -  success with Andromo apps as custom coded apps) and having the latest and greatest stuff available always helps.
  • Thanks hendrixs for the info. Yes, I love the way Andromo allows independent developer quickly launch an app.
  • Just got an email saying Admob now offers reward video ads. It would be awesome if they could get implemented into Andromo.
  • They'll have a Masterclass webinar on 9th about RWA (I'm not sure if it's public, but I always get an invite). They'll mostly focus on games (because games are best suited for RWA's), but they'll also have a few examples of regular apps using them.

    In my experience RWA's don't work very good in regular apps (I wrote about it in this topic). But offerwalls work great for me and are bringing in substantial additional income.

    Andromo should also consider adding AdMob exit interstitial ads. Another great source of extra revenue.

  • we are patiently waiting, fingers crossed
  • Really looking forward to it! I assume if I were to made a simple game in custom activity I can't code in rewarded ads?
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    Just a quick update about Fyber - they'll raise the minimum payment threshold to 1000 EUR. That could be a problem if the apps don't have decent traffic. In many cases and for many people, Fyber would be useless.

    So I guess implementing it in Andromo would not make as much sense as before.
  • Wow. Yeah, that's a nice way to get out of paying a lot of developers...
  • started using native ads on non andromo apps, RPM much higher
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    Awesome to hear that! I'm about to release a new app next week that will have native ads only + interstitial ad on exit.

    What I think would be nice to see in Andromo in future:
    - AdMob Native ads (very good eCPM and CTR)
    - AdMob Interstitial ad on exit (extra revenue with little use complaints)
    - AdMob Rewarded Video ads (in Vungle they had low payouts, but maybe it will be better with AdMob - I didn't try them yet)
  • @hendrixs ; AdMob Interstitial ad on exit is a no brainier imo, admob representative also recommended it.
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    That's interesting, I too was told by my AdMob Mobile Apps Consultant to use exit interstitial apps.

    I thought that it's not allowed, BUT if you put an end screen after the exit interstitial, like for example "Thank you for using our app" and a logo, then it's fine. Not only that, AdMob encourages us to do so.

    I of course listened to her and it's a nice extra boost to my earnings.
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