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We desperately need the ability the be able to duplicate apps. The reason I need to is so I could make two versions of the same app (Free & Paid). It takes so long making the same app twice. If I could duplicate my paid app I could just delete a few features and then I would have a free app done in minutes.


  • This has been asked numerous times, they "Andromo" claims this is in the possible future. 
  • I thought about this more and think it would be better to "export" and "import" a project would be even better.

    E.g., then you could import the project into a new developer account.

    That would be good if you develop for other people a project and they want it then without any link to "Andromo"  - then you could have your low cost version with reference and the high priced version from others.

  • I agree with the duplication of the app suggestion.
    I really need this for exactly the same reason Doug has posted.
    Thanks guys. :)
  • I solved it in the meantime with a monkey!!!
    He does it automatically for me, ...
  • I need to borrow your monkey. I'm tired of duplicating apps manually.  :)  Seriously, this feature has been requested alot by the people who are trying to make at go at Andromo. 
  • I agree turbomike, this should have been a top priority , before they "implemented" any other new features.

    Too many people have asked for this feature... It would make a lot of people's lives easier that want to make FREE/PRO apps or apps for Google Play Market verus other Market places with special needs.

  • wondering where this feature request is....
  • Yes, we want duplication function in andromo.
  • Not anytime soon.
  • This is one of the things changing the package name between .net and .com was implemented for, along with being able to disable activities. Then you enable/disable activities and change the package name depending on which version you're currently working on.
  • @ colinadams I hope andromo will take the majority request to have the duplication function in andromo. This feature is important as we do not have to re do the same thing in developing app.
  • Of course. It's still on the list. Just more important things take precedence.
  • how do you duplicate an application on android to avoid the copyright of the application you are duplicating?

  • The intent wasn't to duplicate someone else's app, it was to make a copy of your own.

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