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Is a updated version of Andromo arriving soon? I would love an opportunity to have multiple dashboards/screens. Like one activity is linking to another dashboard with different activities.


  • Getting close!
  • Is there anything that we should know about it in advance? As in, should I build my apps with what we have now, or are there some groundbreaking features coming and I should keep my ideas for the new version (assuming it's coming very soon)?
  • All your existing projects will carry over to Andromo v5, so there is no reason not to make your apps now. Then when v5 comes out, you can rebuild in order to benefit from the new material design look and features.
  • Do you have a date for the update? Approximately when can we expect the next version?
  • Hmmm. Closer than it's ever been before? Apps look amazing...
  • Can't wait for it ...  =)
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    Any chance for sound in the HTML activity after the update drops? I just posted my dramatic story in the other topic, lol. Long story short, spent a lot of time on a game to find out it's mute. Uploading sound effects problematic, makes sense probably only for background music (still, need to host it somewhere and everyone needs online access for it to work, which kills the game's quality). Andromo would get completely new capabilities in my book if it played sound from within the HTML file/archive.
  • Any update on how close we are to the new release? Eagerly awaiting the material design look  :)
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    Very close now... Last few weeks stretch! I might even be able to get a screenshot teaser out next week...
  • Awesome!!  Thanks and can't wait to see it already  :p
  • Waiting for teaser  =)
  • The teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already out.
    Where is teaser for Andromo 5?
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    Still waiting for the teaser  =)
  • Too busy to get that together this week, but I'll get on that on Mon/tues.
  • Ok, looking forward to it ;)
  • Looking fabulous, awesome job!!  Material design and navigation drawer gives it a complete fresh look!  Can't wait to get it in my hands  =)
  • When will this version launch 
  • Amazing! Well done! Looking forward to it!
  • Do you have a release date? This month? Next month?
  • Still a few more weeks, but getting close now.
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    @colinadams, Will there be any additional features  (new activities) outside of this UI update? I am not asking what they are, just if there will be any. Thanks
  • I would also like to ask if, when this update is out, you will have already updated the FAN SDK.
    Remember we cannot add FAN to any new app now.
  • Great!

    I love andromo

    • Well done, looks great.
      Now waiting for the release


    • No new activites per-say, however each and every single activity (all 20+ of them) had to be redone for this release. Under the hood, this was a *massive* undertaking, which I'm sure you can appreciate given the amount of time it took. It's much more than an "update". It's a giant upgrade. The entire guts of Andromo had to be rewritten, improved and made smarter.

      It's extremely impressive from a technical standpoint, as well as being impressive from an outside view in as well. As you can tell already, the apps you make with Andromo v5 will look about a million times more impressive than they ever did before. Plus, with all the theme smarts that we've built-in, you'll be able to make these visually impressive apps, without having to be a ninja graphics designer.

      There are literally thousands of changes, but some of the big ones include (note that this list is not complete and may change by release date):
      • Modern and consistent Material Design styling.
      • Optional navigation drawer (replaces previous action bar navigation).
      • Activity images (feature, wide, square).
      • Global/parent/per-activity theming (Material Light, Dark, Custom, Primary, Secondary colors).
      • Modern dashboard styles.
      • Toolbar styles (standard, compact, expanded, auto-hiding).
      • Automatic theme colors based on image analysis.
      • Automatic icon color tinting.
      • Large selection of navigation drawer activity icons to choose from (900+).
      • New permission handling on Android 6.0 (API level 23) or higher.
      • Activity list optimizations and styling.
      • Updated and improved build framework used to generate Andromo apps.
      • Updated server technology stack.
      • Apps target Android 7.0 (API level 24).
      • Minimum Android version requirements - Android 4.0 (API level 14).
      • Improved handling of large project builds.
      • Static area for banner ads with content separation (recommended by AdMob).
      • Google Play Services updated to 10.2.0 (where applicable).
      • Updated AdMob SDK to version 10.2.0.
      • Optional AdMob App ID (for better ad initialization performance).
      • Updated Facebook Audience Network to version 4.20.0.
      • Updated Amazon Mobile Ads to version
      • Updated the YouTube activity's Data API SDK version.
      • Updated AppLovin SDK to version 6.4.2.
      • Activity groups (categories) [Work completed internally - web TBA or may delay release just for this... target v5.0.1?].
      • Removed Airpush, LeadBolt, Millennial Media and Mobpartner from Andromo's monetization options.
      The best part of this form a tech standpoint though is that the whole Andromo platform has been revamped under the hood, making it *much* easier for new features, styles, themes, dashboards etc to be added in a more timely manner going forward.

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