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  • did u add the duplication function too?
  • @chempaka You should not be asking for app duplication. I am glad they do not add it. If we all start duplicating our apps, GP will get so crowded that we will be praying for a single download per day.

    Really excited to see your work. Much update work to be done by us in the next weeks after the release, supposing we really need all our apps to switch to v5.

    My only slight concern is that min version will now be 4.0, even though I think less than 2% of world's phones are now <4.0.
  • The number of devices using anything less than API 16 even (4.1) is minuscule -

    As for updating your apps, of course you would only need to update whenever you felt you wanted to. Your existing apps don't expire or anything. I'd expect most developers will want to take advantage of the new look and feel though! It's that much better.

    However, keep in mind that you will likely want to provide new graphics in your project, for each Activity's Feature image (that you see in the screenshot) at least, so that will require some work on your part. Yet, this is much better and easier that the current 'icons' for activities, as photos and textures are easy to get as opposed to designing icons! Plus it looks waaaay cooler.

    I certainly wouldn't recommend updating every app you have ever made in day 1 though. Take one at a time. Try it out. See what looks best. Update in Google Play. Then repeat.
  • anteos you are assuming he wants to spam the store. I know that's not what most want it for. Imagine you build an app for different app stores, cloning existing project instead of doing it from scratch for each app store would be a huge time saver. Before you ask, you might want different ad networks on different app stores.
  • @sdllcmanager But with Andromo you can only build Android apps. Where does the different apps store come from?
  • @olros Samsung, Amazon, Getjar, Yandex and about 20 more 
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    You dont need to do from scratch for each store. Trust me, I have tried more than 25 android stores in my life and I actively upload all my apps in more than 15 currently. The Amazon and Samsung build is the only option you need, all other stores accept the GP build. And you can always uncheck the box next to each ad network.
    We both know he wants to spam the market - I do it too. And I essentially spam the alternative markets too. But there is a limit to what each of us wants to do and what we should do.

    Of course it is not an option thats up to me. If they add it, I will spam the hell out of every market because this is what everyone will do.
  • I chose to select ad networks by market/app store. I get not everyone will take the time to do so, but we have our reasons
  • Great update!
    I hope andromo also update admob ads for native and rewarded ads asap. Thx!
  • Great news =) <3
  • Please add the download capability in audio player Activit

  • Looking forward to the new release, great Job Andromo and thanks a lot!
  • Will it be possible to have favorites in our apps? Many users ask me to have this feature.
    Thanks and keep on the good work!
  • Any news about the news Andromo upgrate to Andromo v5?
  • Very close now! We're just finishing off the last few touches, testing etc. Couple more weeks and it's show time!
  • Will Ver 5.0 have timer facility which is very useful for Radio apps? 
  • There won't be any new audio features on release -- we have postponed all such changes until after the initial release so we can get the new theming stuff etc. out as soon as possible.

    We will probably be busy for several weeks after the initial release fixing any new bugs that are discovered and finishing the additional features scheduled for release in subsequent updates (so they don't delay the initial release).
  • Oh man. Trying out the new stuff today looks awesome... Soooo much easier to make super slick looking apps now. Can't wait for you guys to see it!
  • thanks for keeping us updated Collin, the new design looks amazing. If you need beta testers, I will be more than happy to try! 
  • very excite and looking for it.
  • Will it become possible to play videos in fullscreen in the updated version? I'm not able to do it today.
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    Colin makes amazing and sweet announcements! Where will you rollout it? Can't wait any more time!!! 
  • How long does it take to launch the andromo v5.0
  • Very soon now folks! I know it's been a long road, but man, it's really looking great! If you don't have a subscription in place though, I'd recommend you do it soon...
  • Is there chance you could add a third package name option, for example an org.?

  • Do we need a subscription to use the next version?
  • @colinadams ; I finally stopped slobbering over my keyboard, as I can't wait to get my hands on the new version.
    But 2 questions remain, as I have not seen anybody ask them yet. Is there going to be a price increase for v5.0?
    If so do we get grandfathered in if we join Andromo v4.0?

  • @olros - If you want to make more than one app, enable ads, turn off ads (I.e.make money from it) and turn off the Andromo ads, then yes, you need a subscription

    @anteos - thanks for the suggestion. Not sure on that one...

    @duckie - As always, anyone who has a current subscription will of course get all the benefits of Andromo 5 included. We have never increased the price for people who are already on a subscription plan and never will. However, if you aren't on a subscription yet, and like the current pricing and features (hint: Pro), I would highly recommend you don't sleep on it...
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